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I’ve Got a Pretty Brain

January 6, 2010 6:32 am

I hope that everyone has been staying warm! Thursday was definitely a night to remember. I bared seven hours straight in the freezing cold (literally!), and there were several other volunteers by my side who love the co-op enough to stay and to help sort the shares. We had SO much fun, and it was so invigorating to be able to share that experience with others. After Thursday night, Saturday morning was a breeeeeze! The cold weather is like having natural refrigeration outside, and it can be nice if you open yourself up to the fresh air!

Speaking of fresh air, I have fresh thoughts on perspective. I want to share a story that helps to illustrate how beautiful food can change your perception and even your thoughts. My father and I were driving around, and I don?t even remember what we were talking about, but we were reflecting back to each other our thoughts on a certain issue. It got quiet for a moment, and then out of nowhere he says, ?You have a pretty brain.? My father?s first language is not English, so I understood that he really meant, ?I like the way that you think.? However, his short phrase hit me as profound beyond my understanding. Our brains are programmed in millions of different ways, and they are affected by literally everything. Ironically, we can control many things with our thoughts and with our actions. What surrounds us affects our mannerisms, our jargon, and our perception in life; yet, we choose our surroundings or the ?foods? that feed us everyday.

Many people do not think that what they eat, what they do, or who they are with will affect their thoughts. Beautiful foods create beautiful thoughts. Rather, nutritious foods nurture healthy thoughts. When I refer to foods in this paragraph, I mean to say that foods can be anything that affect our health–not just something that you eat. When my father said that I have a pretty brain, he did not mean that my head looked pretty today; rather, he was enjoying listening my perception and the way that I see things. It is food for thought. I attribute my healthy thoughts and my determined outlook in life to the colorful and lively foods that I eat. When one eats foods that truly nourish his body, his mind will also be fueled. This fuel can create infinite motivations. Fruits and vegetables have energy. These energies resonate at higher frequencies than processed foods such as Twinkies, junk foods, or any packaged goods. The foods literally hold life within them, and the fact that they do not have an extended shelf life is proof of this. We use that energy to create health and vibrancy in our own lives. What a beautiful thought!

I truly believe that eating healthier foods fosters healthier thoughts. The healthier that we become, the more that we tend to seek healthier environments with which to surround ourselves. Most people do not realize how sick they are until they begin to take care of themselves. They are numb to life, and the unhealthy foods that they eat and the unhealthy patterns in which they participate keep them sleepwalking through life. There is no spectrum of joy or excitement, and there is no motivation to help others or help oneself. Eating raw foods awakened me to life. When one eats raw or eats produce in abundance, he feels more energy and more abundance to do more good. You simply feel good!? What cause us to falter are the temptations created in society. We create our own evils; yet, we have the choice to change them. We have the choice to lead different lifestyles, and we have the choice to put whatever we want in our bodies. No one can force you to put anything in your body that you do not want to absorb. I do not have to eat raw foods. I can eat anything that I want, but I choose to eat raw, beautiful, and colorful fruits and veggies! I find freedom in this decision, and it has created more freedom in my life than I can possibly describe. I can only hope to share this joy with others to spread this message of love.

I do have a very pretty brain, as we all do! We all have beautiful minds, and we gorgeous thoughts when we open ourselves up to experience them! I hope that you choose to nourish your body so that you can have a nurtured mind, and I hope that you are able to spread this energy with others! I also hope to see many of you this week!