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It’s the Message, Not the Money

October 18, 2010 6:20 am

I hope that you have been enjoying this absolutely perfect weather! I cannot express how amazing it feels to walk outside and feel the sun on my skin, or the wind carry my hair across my face. Leaves are starting to fall, and pumpkins are appearing at every doorstep.? We even saw our first pomegranates in the boxes this past week! And, don?t even get my started on our juicy, wet dates! Yes, we are all busy, but we must never be too busy to give gratitude for such amazing abundances in our lives.

When it feels like so many things are changing, I always like to go back to my roots?I like to look back at where I began and why I began doing whatever I was doing. What was my motivation in starting? What was my passion? What was my goal? The past 5+ years that I have been 100% raw 811 have been the most adventures and abundant years of my life. I have definitely grown into a woman with a completely different mindset than I used to hold. I find that I have let go of so many negative generational patterns that were passed down to me, and I find that I have learned how to make life ?work? joyfully for myself. They journey will never end, and change will always come, but it is about the journey. As my next-door neighbor Wes quoted to me the other day, ?Life isn?t about waiting for the storm to pass; it?s about learning to dance in the rain.?

With three locations now at co-op, two of them being new, I have had infinite people approach me with inquisitions, opportunities, and requests.? I am learning that unless there are ten of me, I have to prioritize. There will always be a million things to do, but unless I keep focused on what I truly want?the message I want to convey?then nothing will truly succeed.? I am sure that this can apply to all of our lives.

There is one thing that I am truly proud of since I have started this co-op: my reasons, goals, and passion for starting the co-op in 2007 are the same today as they were then. In my mind, the message has only spread, and I have held true to that message. In 2006, I wrote a newsletter entitled, ?Not a Service, Not a Sale.? This letter struck home with many in the co-op. I addressed my reasons for my not writing myself a paycheck from the co-op. I also talked about how I want to be treated just as any other participant in our co-op?I am here to co-operate. I am not here to sale anything, but to spread our main message about living rawfully happy. Many individuals still cannot believe that I put in approximately 40 hours a week into our co-op home and still work an additional full time job. For me, it?s so easy to believe, and I would have it no other way. The message of our co-op would simply change if I started to pay myself and run our co-op like an official business. When we all make a purchase, we want the funds to go into THAT purchase. No one likes to see their money get spread all over the place. We all want to save and to get the biggest BANG for our buck! Hence, this is one of the other reasons why I started this co-op. All of our pennies go towards buying food, supporting farmers, and obtaining necessary supplies. If money were going elsewhere, it would be apparent, and we wouldn?t have as many people in our co-op! So much would change, and the fact that our co-op is completely volunteer based is one of the most special attributes to our family.

I love that our co-op is about community. I love when I come to co-op, I am there sweating and working with others who share the same love and passion for health and food that I hold within my heart. I love that we barter and swap food. I love that we are there to support each other, share recipes, and share common ground. There is no service here, but everyone is there to be responsible for his or her own self. We all offer ourselves to serve for the greater good. When we give from the heart, we receive something so much greater than we can describe. The message is about giving back and about spreading that joy with the world.

Life is about messages, not about money. When one starts off with a good message, it either becomes tainted by eyes glazed with money signs or it doesn?t. How often do you see businesses change when greed gets involved? Too often!!! It ruins the purity of the original purpose. Ever hear the phrase, ?Why can?t things stay the same?? Things will never stay the same, but if we wish our messages to expand with goodness, we hold that within out power! Every time that I get the opportunity, I like to pay it forward. This keeps me feeling blessed and infinitely grateful. It helps me not to feel selfish. Imagine the joy or care that you can bring to someone?s day. Imagine the last time that someone did something small for you, and it made the biggest difference in your day.? So here is what I want to ask you:

In what message do you believe?

In what do you believe? What message do you want to spread?? Is it more valuable than money? How strongly do you believe in this message? I believe in co-operation. I believe in community, I believe in sharing, supporting local farmers, supporting those trying to live healthy lifestyles, gardens, hugs, recipes, flavors, colors, smells, emotions, and yes, craziness! ?It?s about giving back and feeling good about what you share with others and with the world. For what are you passionate, and how can you share that passion with others?

This week, I pray that you help to spread a message, any message, for which you are passionate. Let that message of goodness be more important than money, selfishness, or pride. Give it as a gift, and feel the peace flow within you. There is so much positivity to spread?lettuce make it contagious! I hope to see you this week!