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If You Follow Your Heart

March 1, 2010 6:38 am

I have tried to make it a central focus in my life lately that I want to always follow my heart?that is, listen to the inner voice within my soul that allows inspiration to flow through me. Sometimes we are scared to make decisions in fear that they are not the right choices. Do you ever feel that even if you follow your heart, you may make the wrong decision? It?s simply not possible when you put your consciousness into making specific choices. Allow yourself to be inspired. If you truly are listening to the voice that feeds you, you will make the choice that feels best for yourself. You will be content with your choice no matter what.

We all have this subconscious being within us, and it drives us. Everyday we make choices based upon what we think is right, suitable, and possible. Sometimes, we make choices that we are not so excited about. Sometimes, we make choices to do things that we may not want to do, and sometimes, we make choices to please others instead of ourselves. When you do not follow your heart, you know it. When you do, you feel it in the best of ways.

This past weekend I really wanted to find a balance between working and between resting. Since it was the weekend, there were events to attend and people to see. However, the person that I truly felt like spending time with was myself. I had to find a balance between nurturing the relationships that I care most about and my own. I learned that I can promise to be there for everyone, but that means that I will have less time to spend with myself. Ironically, we all often forget about our relationships with ourselves; it is the most valuable relationship that we have on this earth. The needs of others can easily be placed before our own, but this will not keep us thriving.? These instances can apply to any area of life, and they make us realize that every choice that we make affects our being and our surroundings. The key in finding freedom is learning to accept and love our choices no matter what they may be.

We must learn to make choices without feeling guilt or wavering. When we stand by our decisions, others will respect them without questioning. Courage is all that is needed to stand by what is best for all. In the book ?The 7 Habits,? the author talks about win-win situations and finding a balance that works for everyone. I love win-wins! I truly believe that there is always an option that allows us to have apples and eat them too. Where there is a will, there is a way. You may find that some individuals are masters are finding excuses not to do things, and this is because perhaps they are not ready to move forward. Perhaps we are not ready to let go, or perhaps we cannot see all of the options available to us because we are scared to try new things. Either way, when we feel guilt about a choice, we waiver, and others will notice. When others feel this indecision, they will try to give input to help you make your decision. Sometimes, this makes it even more difficult to make a choice. Stand by your heart. Feel it. See that it will benefit all if you are sound with it. Be pleased with your decision! :)

We are all connected. We are connected with the earth, with other individuals, and with other animals. We all share this planet together, and we learn to find harmony in our relationships with one another. If we have the wisdom to understand the messages that come to us through our surroundings, our relationship with the world can be a powerful teacher. When we make choices for our greater good, it will be for the greater good for all. Sometimes placing yourself first can be for the greater good for all. All will benefit. The positive energy that you put forth from making an inspired decision will more profoundly affect the world than had you made a decision about which you were resentful. As Gregg Braden says, ? We must become in our lives the things that we choose to experience as our world.? The focus of our awareness becomes the reality of our world. Our choices affect our feelings, and our feelings affect our energy. Our energy affects our surroundings, and our surroundings affect all who are present. When you make choices from your heart, you are making the world a better place!

Follow your heart, and enjoy your time no matter how you decide to spend it. Love every minute, and cherish every relationship. Feel the sunshine, and I look forward to seeing you this week! Hugs!