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I Feel Good When…

January 31, 2011 6:42 am

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you were able to take some time for yourself this weekend! We had quite a busy and exciting week last week…but not as exciting as this week will be! The number of local items in our boxes is growing, and new surprises are popping up all over the place! This week, I am hoping to add a few more special items into the shares! Ha! Also, please remember this is our last week for dates and potentially pecans! Please don’t forget to reserve them if you want them! We will not see them until next season! (Don’t tell anyone, but I have purchased 3 cases all for myself!) ;)

This past week, I was truly inspired by all of the amazing co-operators who have stepped up to the plate simply to give back to our community. I am truly humbled by those who simply want to share abundance and joy of good food with others. What we eat truly creates who we are on a cellular, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. When we enjoy our food, we enjoy our lives, and vice versa. This year is all about FEELING GOOD and about taking proper care of our bodies. So why not feel good ALL of the time?! It’s an empowering choice!

It’s simple: I feel good when I am doing the things that I love. When we do the things that we love to do, we bring joy into our lives. Too many times we hear people complain about the things that they do not want to be doing; however, with proper planning, direction, and positivity, we can be doing the things that we love to do ALL of the time! What are the things that you like to do? What brings joy into your life??

When we enjoy doing things, we feel gratitude for being able to participate in those activities. For instance, when we love our jobs, we love life THAT much more. When we feel obligated, those feelings of burden bring us down—we are not doing those things out of the joy of our hearts. Our energy lowers, our attitudes changes, and our efforts disappear. Our motivation to participate in anything may vanish because we lost zest for life when we vibrate at low energy levels. However, when we are doing things that we love, we vibrate with high energy levels, and we feel the need to be involved in more things that contribute to the greater needs of the earth and the nourishment of our souls.

If you don’t know what brings you joy, then start simple. My favorite things in life are so simple, and yet, they bring me the most joy. For me, I don’t get to be at home eating dinners often, so one of the things that brings me the most bliss is simply being able to prepare a salad and sit down to eat it in peace and quiet. I also love to read, create art, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to run. Being at co-op volunteering my time makes me feel as if I could fly, and being with my family makes me feel warm inside. I love to hug my friends, and I love to share the message of raw foods with others. All of these actions bring me joy, and I have incorporated them into my daily life so that I am joyous ALL of the time! These things are simple, and they are a life well-lived. We have so many beautiful, simple things in life to celebrate!

If you are looking to bring more enjoyment, peace, love, and happiness into your life, the formula is simple: DO THINGS THAT YOU ENJOY! THE HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW! If you are not sure what you enjoy, here is a list that may get you started. Simply complete your own list and try to incorporate them into your life daily. You will be amazed at how AWESOME you feel ALL of the time!

I feel good when I run.
I feel good when I hug.
I feel good when I eat all 811 raw.
I feel good when I wear my vibrams.
I feel good when I talk to my friends.
I feel good when I inspire others.
I feel good when I co-operate.
I feel good when I am with my family.
I feel good when I create my ceramics.
I feel good when I sing.
I feel good when I tutor kids.
I feel good when…..

….I simply get to share my passion for food, life, and love with you all! I hope that you are able to take this goodness and spread it with the world. We create the world that we want to live in, and I want to create that world of giving with all of you. I hope that you have an amazing week filled with all of the things that YOU want to do. Make this week about YOU, and you will make it soar for ALL who surround you. Be the shining light :)

I hope to see you all this week as we will have amazing weather!

All my love and hugs,