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How to Afford Eating FullyRaw

August 8, 2012 12:14 pm

How to Afford Eating FullyRaw

Money is sensitive topic for many people; I?m going to give my helpful tips. This isn?t about me, but this is about giving you all my knowledge and tips to HELP YOU afford a FullyRaw Lifestyle?because EVERYONE wants to feel AMAZING. So here?s the question: Are you willing to invest in your health? How much are you worth?

Only thing that we truly own is our body? If you don?t take care of your body, where will you live?

When you look at what the average American spends a week on food ($300) a week, you are actually SAVING a LOT of MONEY when you go raw. You can eat the best fruit possible and eat rather expensive, or you can be very minimalistic and eat for practically free. It depends on your approach.? Most Americans eat out and spend $10-13 a meal on food. I spend less than $200 a week on food for myself?and I eat quite a bit as shows here:!

I ate Raw in college for less than 100$ a week because I made it happen and because I wanted it badly enough. My health was worth it. I used to spend thousands on medical bills, and now I spend NOTHING. ?Many of you know that I started Rawfully Organic almost 6 years ago after I overcame hyperglycemia, and it is now a thriving non-profit feeding over 500 families a WEEK. ?We save families thousands of dollars a year. This is now where I get ALL of my produce. I?m going to show you around my ROC?N co-op, and I?m going to share with you a TON of other ways that you can save money if you don?t have access to a local co-op.

Before we start, I want to share these powerful tips:

Be understanding with yourself.


Be patient.

Write down what you want.

Figure out EXACTLY how much you NEED to spend.


YOU are WILLING to spend on produce.

Plan ahead.

Envision it.

Is your health worth your dollar?

Buying in Bulk

Saving money buying by the case.

Up to 30% discount by doing this.

I get my cases at ROC, but you can even get a discount by asking your local grocer to simply order you some cases. Take advantage of your resources.? Shop around to the stores that have the best deals in quantity, quality, and price.

You can even get additional cases of produce in addition to your shares at ROC. Ask me!

Finding local co-operatives like ROC!

If you don?t have a co-op, find Produce Buying Clubs or CSAS. That means community supportive agriculture that supports your local farmer.

Farmer?s Markets

Make Deals with your Farmers!

Go at the end and get the mushy ripe fruit?you may get it for free!?

A benefit of being a part of a co-op is that you?re already getting a direct tie with your farmer at a wholesale price!

Variety vs. Quality

Buy the cheap things in bulk like organic bananas?you can live off just bananas, but try to put aside money for some specialty variety items.

Balance in this lifestyle is key, and it will make you enjoy it more.



Volunteering at local farms. Work in exchange for food!

Volunteer at the farmer?s markets as a part-time job or even volunteer at your local co-op. 😉

Buy what is in season?buy as much local as possible:

It is always cheaper this way!

Buy as Much Organic as You Can

Top ten list of things to get organic:

Grow your own garden!

Create your own abundance?. Food grows on trees literally!

This is REAL sustainability.

If you don?t have a garden, find a community garden, or perhaps even find neighbors who grow food or who are willing to share their fruits with you.

If you want free food, put in the gardening work and invest in soil.


RICH soil creates RICH foods, giving you a RICHER life.

Start a fruit picking business.

Dr. Graham once told me that I should advertise in the newspaper to go and pick the fruits off people?s trees in their yard that they didn?t want.

A) You?re getting free fruit

B) You may even be getting paid for it!

Heck, go foraging?there is fruit everywhere when you open your eyes up to it!


Have to be willing to spend money

Last recommendation: this IS an investment in your health.

You WILL be buying a LOT of produce when you go raw, start juicing, or even go vegan, so learn how to store it properly as to make its shelf life last as long as possible. I made a video called EASY RAW FOOD STORAGE TIPS, you can find that link here as well:

May end up spending more on food, especially if you?re buying organic, but you will be spending LESS on everything else, which includes prescriptions drugs ($$$$$ thousands), less on doctors, etc.

If you have found this to be helpful, please share this video with anyone who may need help in affording living foods. We are here for each other, and we are in this together. 😉

Hugs and love!

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