How Far We’ve Come! | Rawfully Organic

How Far We’ve Come!

September 13, 2010 7:17 am

What an amazing week! Not only have we had incredible weather, but also co-op officially has moved into one of our new homes! I want to extend a special thank you on behalf of all of us to the Nottingham Forest Club for their fruitful welcome! We had approximately 130 shares on Thursday, and with so many shares, there was THAT much more abundance! Also, on Saturday, we simply had an awesome time enjoying the Saturday morning and playing with an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables! Thank you everyone for creating such an AWESOME family.

Many of you know that this coming October will be the third year anniversary for Rawfully Organic. That first week of October we will begin our first week at the Houston Arboretum! Co-op will officially be three days a week!

I was looking at pictures from our very first day in my living room, and I started laughing at these pictures. I remember taking them because I could not believe the HUGE amount of food in my living room. I laugh now because that amount seems so small!!! The amount of food that is purchased today is more than eight times that amount!

One of the coolest things to see was how I have built relationships with each of you over time. Sometimes, you get involved with groups, and some people disappear forever?you wonder what happened to them, but you?re never really sure. We have built such an incredible community that there are few that I haven?t heard from. You all have become my conscious family, and I am so grateful to share all of our moments of fruitful bliss together.

Think of where you are in comparison to where you were three years ago. Although it may seem like it was yesterday, so much has changed in regards to how we see the world, how we act, what we consider valuable, and how we treat our relationships. I think to believe that new awakenings are happening everyday and that more and more people are trying to improve their lives on a daily basis?more are rooting themselves into what they consider to be truly important.

I am in Seattle this week at Health and Fitness Week with Dr. Graham! Yes, I am having a wonderful time, and I am working efficiently so that I can come home to share all of this beautiful and liberating knowledge with all of you! I can only say that the individuals here are truly inspiring. Just like all of you, they strive to be healthy and to achieve the best balance possible out of life. ?That being said, I will NOT be there this Thursday, so I am asking ALL volunteers to come to please help sort the shares. I have asked a group of volunteers to help take charge, and I know that everything will go absolutely smoothly. I am still answering emails and running everything from up here in Seattle. I will be back in town for Saturday co-op!

On a side note, I want to include that what we have in Texas is truly a unique and special co-op. Although there are all-raw meals here, the food here does NOT compare to the variety and abundance of our shares! We are truly blessed. I am learning that you never know what you have until you have to go a few days without it! Yes, we are spoiled rotten! 😉

I hope that you all have the best week ever, and I hope that many of you decide to come this Thursday or Saturday. We are all truly, truly blessed.