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How Big Can You Grow Your Heart?

November 1, 2010 7:50 am

I hope that you have had an incredible weekend! The weather was so perfect! Yes, we got a ?cold? wind in, but it lasted so briefly! More than anything, I enjoyed getting to see a few of the trick-or-treators! I got to meet the pirates, the Flintstones, and more! 😉 My favorite part of the weekend was definitely getting to eat my first persimmon of the season?and some oh-so-amazing dates!

As we begin to approach more of the holidays, the first things that we begin to think about are how crazy it gets, right? Many begin to think about the crazy carpooling, the busy schedules, and more. Well, what if you could completely begin to manifest that you want this year during the holidays to be completely laid back and filled with fun time with family and friends? Many forget that the months of November and December are all about giving back, sharing love, and expressing gratitude. This becomes possible when you prioritize the things that are most important to you. Everything that you choose to do is a conscious choice. So here are the real questions:

How often do you think of the needs of others and not your own?

How often do you think of your real needs?

How often do you meet those needs?

Do you typically wake up in the morning thinking about all of the ways that you can help other people that day? The answer is most likely not. Most of us wake up and think about all of the things that we have to do that day, and we become enveloped in it. Yes, it is important to be able to achieve all of your goals for the day, but a great way to relinquish control and to expand our perceptions of what is truly important in life is to put ourselves in someone else?s shoes at least once a day. This action takes the focus away from our lives for a split second to help bring things back into perspective.? If we help others succeed, we also succeed! When others feel joy, we feel joy! When we share, others will share with us! No man is an island. We are all connected.

Do you get to do one nice thing for someone everyday? ?If you don?t, then you are missing out on one of the best emotions in life! This emotion stems from a place of sharing, and it swells up in your heart the moment that you realize that you did something special to help someone out that day. Whether it was to share a recipe, to give a phone-call, or even to help deliver a box of veggies to someone that could not otherwise get one, you did something to help someone else have a wonderful day. I always feel incredibly humbled anytime someone lends me an ear or arm in one of my days, and it makes me want to turn around and give back to others!

The art of giving has no true agenda. If you give, you expect nothing in return. A friend this past week expressed to me that anonymous gift giving is the best way to give gifts because the ego-driven self is immediately removed from the picture. Anonymously giving allows one to truly give without expecting anything in return. Some of us give because we feel the need to be praised. That is not real giving. If you are expecting praise for giving, then you are giving for the wrong reasons. If you are giving with joy in your heart, then joy you shall receive just by giving! When we give, our hearts become bigger and bigger. Our capacity to love grows, and the love that we share is infinite. By giving to others, we grow our own heart.

How Big Can You Grow Your Heart?

If you want the world to grow a big heart, you must first try to grow your own. The world around you is a reflection of you. The moment that you change yourself, the moment that you will realize that your will see your surroundings in a different way. Our impact is so much greater than we can possible imagine. Not to mention, when we show love to our bodies by respecting it with good foods, we grow the capacity to show even more love?and our hearts grow again! Giving to ourselves allows us to give more to others, and giving to others gives back to ourselves. Not to mention, it feels amazing!

I challenge you this week to grow your heart as big as you possible can. Give back in any way that you feel touched to do so. It can be anything that you want to do! There are no limits. Pick one person each day for which you want to do something nice, and watch your heart grow! More importantly, watch their heart grow along with yours. Lettuce be the change that we want to see in the world.