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Home is Where the Family Is

August 9, 2010 2:08 pm

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! It?s been hot, but I have loved it! A good sweat never hurt anybody!

If I learned anything this week, I learned that ?home is where the family is.? I could also say that ?home is where the food is? or ?home is where the heart is,? but I call us a family because we are TRULY A COMMUNITY. We may be homeless after August, but we are definitely not ?family-less.?? I have never seen such a group of individuals come together to simply contribute and to feel good about giving back to one another and to their bodies. After working and sweating in the Houston heat this past week, I truly felt a sense of something beyond community: I felt family.

Week to week, volunteers come to help?rain or shine, steaming or freezing, home or no home.? Even after we have moved 3 times since we left Royal Oaks, everyone has been SO co-operative and has stuck with us! Not only that, but we have been growing in the meantime! That says a LOT about our co-op family and about the amazingness that we share. The meaning of community in our world is slowly diminishing, but we have it here. We have a place where families can come and interact with their food. We get to share in a bounty that is found nowhere else. Our all-in-one variety box supports our bodies, our minds, our farmers, our families, our community, and our land. Whether or not we all realize it, the co-op has become much more than just about the food. We have created a community. Those words are so deep to me. I cannot possibly imagine the depth of this.

I love it when our lessons are laid out right before us. Sometimes, we are not always so sure what the universe is trying to tell us, but other times, it is apparent. Learning revolves around finding the balance of gratitude and humility.? If you ever want to move anywhere, you cannot get there without having gratitude. No matter where you may be, if you want something better for yourself, your first step is taking a step in gratitude. As my friend Alix Rodwell quotes,

?How can you receive something greater if you are not grateful for what you have??

If one has an inkling of dissatisfaction, resentfulness, anger, hate, etc. in their thoughts, then they are not grateful. I was so discouraged about our temporary Thursday spot, until I realized that I NEED to be grateful for this spot. Otherwise, we would have nowhere to have co-op! Not only was this a lesson in gratitude, but also it is a lesson in humility. When we open our hearts to accept what is, the infinite becomes possible. It?s being humble enough to accept what you have and grateful enough to allow new possibilities into your life!

Moving us around was so discouraging to me, but now I am encouraged. I know the perfect place is on its way. I just haven?t gotten the memo yet (wink).? In the meantime, I want for us to thrive and share this gift! ?Being in this position has made me come to the conclusion that we must dream big if we want to have our co-op thrive forever and change the world. While we are waiting for approval from a few locations to take us under their wing, we can use this time to prepare our very own spot?maybe even our own outdoor pavilion. The true home will come, and I cannot wait to see what it will be. We will keep sorting, eating, and loving.

My dream is for the co-op to have it’s own home?a safe haven where we can all go to enjoy our organic abundance. I am already planning to throw a big Hoe-Down! Get the music ready!

I want to congratulate all of those who have taken their weeks and who have turned them around for the better! I have heard of so many miraculous stories this week, and I think we owe gratitude! For those who got new jobs this week, I would like to say ?HORRAY!? For those who have lost weight this week, I want to say ?YOU GO!? And, for those who have conquered personal mountains this week, I have to say ?LOVE BABY LOVE!? When we show gratitude for what is, we see the goodness returned to us.

Wherever you are this week, I hope that you are grateful for everything in your life. I also hope that you are humble enough to accept where you are, where you want to go, and what you want to share with others. In giving, you will receive! Thank you all for being a part of this family. Together, we create change and achieve our dreams!