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Sleeping in Faith

January 15, 2010 7:07 pm

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this incredible weekend! The weather has been sunny and shiny, and there is so much to celebrate!

I spent a lot of my weekend spending time with people that I truly adore, and I tried to soak up every minute with them. I currently have a very close friend dying of cancer, and she was moved into a hospice this past week. I have gone to visit her, and at my last visit yesterday, I simply watched her sleep.? Many people find the concept of faith very difficult to comprehend, but I find that we do it all of the time without even knowing that we have it.

Faith does not have to be spiritual or religious. If you believe in something, then you have faith in it. It is as simple as that. You trust that something will happen or you trust that someone will be there for you. You know that you will be there for yourself or that you will do something that day. Why do we ever lose faith? Well, that?s a great question.

There are things in life that create doubt in our minds. There are instances where we feel hopeless. Perhaps something happens where we do not have enough confidence in our abilities to perform, or perhaps we feel discouraged because we witness something sad. However, one cannot lost all faith altogether. There are many different aspects of faith, and where one may falter, another one shall still exist.

As I watched Anna sleep, I realized that she has absolutely no fear. We all go to sleep at night with complete faith that we will wake up the next morning. Not many people go to sleep afraid that they will not wake up. Sometimes we place the most faith in the things that are the easiest to do, and we do not even realize it. Ironically, the petty things in life gain most of our attention, and we tend to create mountains out of molehills.

There are so many facets of faith in my life. Whether it may be spirituality or religion, my belief in the co-op to create good and to feed hundreds, supporting local farmers, knowing that I will run today, knowing that I will eat raw and fabulous foods today, knowing that I will take a deep breathe today, knowing that I will receive a hug, and knowing that I will show love to myself and others. The list can go on forever! I have faith that individuals support the same mission that I support, and every time that I see a volunteer come to help in the co-op, I gain that much more faith that good is happening in the world. Each person that has come into my life shows me good. Anna has been one of those people, and she has only brought more faith that anything in life is possible when you just know that you can.

The act of faith is a simple act of believing that something will happen. It is an act of belief or knowing. It can apply to any aspect in your life. Faith does not have to be deep or complicated, and it exists everywhere you go. Faith depends on your perception. How you view it will affect how you view life. If you see faith as little acts, it will surround you. Surround yourself with faith, and surround yourself with loved ones who support your faith, no matter what that may entail. Once you see the world as a world of faith, limitless possibilities can happen.

Good things are in store, and growth opportunities surround you. If one chooses to see each situation as an impossible burden, he will see it in his life everywhere, and he will live it. The challenge is being able to look at any situation and to gain faith from it. Our hearts can only grow and expand to share this passion with others. If one chooses to believe that faith is as easy as waking up with a smile on his face, he will not sleepwalk through life. We all have the amazing ability to LIVE and LOVE in life. Let us not let these opportunities pass by us!!! We are so blessed in limitless ways, and this reason alone must bring us hope. This reason alone brings us faith to take each step one day at a time. If we go through life without it, it is as if we are sleeping through life. Sleepwalking through life prevents any good from brightening your life! Wake up! :)Let us rejoice in every action and trust that good will be given and received. IF WE CAN SLEEP IN FAITH, WE CAN LIVE IN FAITH!!!

You all bring faith into my life, and I thank you. I have faith that you will have a blessed week filled with many growth opportunities, and I send many hugs!