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Healthy Holidays?

November 14, 2011 9:03 am

I hope that you have had a relaxing weekend! We are seeing a transition into the holidays, and I am sure that many of you are beginning to plan for not only Thanksgiving, but also Christmas! Thanksgiving week, we will DEFINITELY be having co-op, but we will most likely be moving our Thursday co-op to either Tuesday or Monday of that week. Please let me know your votes by posting on our wall here! Before I begin to talk about eating Healthy for the Holidays, I want to share important bullet points here:

The holidays are here! Scary, right? NO! The holidays are SO much fun because we get to decorate our homes, spend time with friends and family, and, celebrate the season of giving! So many become consumed with consuming that their experience is tarnished. ?Lettuce? choose to focus on the BEST parts of this time! Doesn?t that excite you?! For most of you, you may be thinking, ?I am going to get fat like I do every year!? I am here to tell you that it simply does not have to be that way. You CAN be healthy throughout the holidays! Our society centers Thanksgiving and Christmas entirely WAY too much around food, and we forget the essence of gratitude and giving. Eating as many raw fruits and veggies as you can during this time will change your life and your complete perspective during the holiday season! The holidays are just approaching, and NOW is the time to make a choice: eat healthy throughout the holidays or not? DO IT! :)

Some think that it is too difficult to eat fresh foods once winter begins, either because they crave something warm during winter or because they are surrounded by too much holiday food to contain themselves. Eating fruits and veggies during the holidays is a choice. Many of you know that I eat a 100% raw foods all the time and have been dedicated to this lifestyle for the past 6+ years. Eating this way keeps me happy, consistent, and satisfied whether it is during ?special? times or not. My weight does not fluctuate during the holidays. You do not have to eat all raw throughout the season to see these results. You simply need to eat as many fruits and veggies as you can in place of other things. When it comes time to make a choice for simple, sweet fruits or complex, processed sugars, choose the fruit! Make the better choice and feel BETTER about YOUR choices.

When we make good choices for ourselves, we feel empowered! This is your key to freedom! YOU decide what is best for you! Muster the strength to discipline yourself and live in this abundance. Confidence arises when we demonstrate self-love, especially in the form of respecting one?s body intake, mental exertion, and spiritual respect or meditation. Many may think that eating fruits and veggies during the holiday is boring or limiting. I am here to tell you that you will not be bored with the 200+ varieties of fruits and vegetables that we will have access to this winter. You will be getting in more variety by eating out of your ROC?N box each week than if you were eating typical holiday dishes! Not to mention, fruits and veggies are naturally lower in calories than cooked foods, so you HAVE to eat more of them to get in your daily amounts. You will live in abundance because you will be eating a larger volume of produce…and possibly LOSING weight! It?s everyone?s favorite diet that I call it the ?EAT MORE RAW AND LOVE IT? regimen haha! Talk about abundance! How inspiring will it be if you end up losing weight AFTER the holiday season instead of gaining it? You will need to come up with a different New Year?s resolution! 😉

Point blank: YOU CAN BE HEALTHY THROUGHOUT THE HOLIDAYS. You CAN be raw throughout the holidays! The choice is yours! Set your own standards, and be satisfied with what you choose. When we motivate ourselves, we inspire others as well. Imagine the change that you can create in not just your life, but also the lives of others! Be the change, make the change, and live the change-YOU ARE THE WORLD.

I can?t wait to see each of you this coming week! Please feel free to post recipes, dishes, and more on our facebook page to share with others! This will also help to keep everyone motivated and supported throughout the holidays! I love you all, and will be sending inspiration and virtual hugs your way!