Happy B-Day ROC! | Rawfully Organic

Happy B-Day ROC!

October 3, 2011 7:07 am

Hope that you had an incredible weekend! The weather has been PERFECT, welcoming a fun Fall season filled with MANY special surprises! This coming week I have a very special surprise to celebrate ROC?S 4th Birthday Anniversary! Yes, that?s right! We are officially 4 years old! I’ve just added a new photo album to our facebook page, and we have two NEW You Tube Videos up from last week (found below)!? Our very first fresh picked dates will arrive this Thursday (hopefully in time for co-op!) HORRAY! Also, these dates will be a great addition to your recipes to use for our EPIC EAT IT RAW IRON CHEF Challenge that has literally JUST started! What a GREAT way to pump up our BDAY month!

Before I begin to share the STORY of ROC, I want to make sure that everyone knows about our EAT IT RAW IRON CHEF Challenge that has JUST STARTED! Revvvvv up your blenders and start making fun recipes from your boxes because we want to see YOU eat IT RAW and share YOUR recipes with our community! We currently have 4500 members in our co-op who purchase boxes, and we want to see everyone interact with each other to share creative recipes! We even have TONS of cool prizes along the way! The competition is a 4 week competition, where each week will have a different theme and a different winner. The winner of each of these 4 weeks will then compete at the GRAND Finale at the Houston Arboretum for a final challenge to see who can make the best recipe in front of a panel of judges to win the super-epic prize! Exciting!

To compete, all you have to do is join or ?like? our facebook page at and submit your recipes, photos, or videos! Sharing is caring! Get your friends to ?vote? for your recipe, and whoever gets the most ?likes? is the winner for the week! Please watch the intro or get all of the details by clicking here!

Because it?s our 4th birthday, I thought it would be cool to share the story of ROC. Not many know that our co-op started as a non-profit with 12 families in my living room, and it now runs exactly the same as it did?except with a couple thousand more families! Thank you EVERYONE for making this co-op a labor of love and abundance! YOU have made us happy, raw community! We are bountiful on SO many levels, and I cannot wait to grow with each one of you in the very near future!

Hope to see you all this week for birthday hugs, and I REALLY can?t wait to see all of your recipes for our EAT IT RAW Challenge!