Happy 3rd Birthday Rawfully Organic! Lettuce Celebrate! | Rawfully Organic

Happy 3rd Birthday Rawfully Organic! Lettuce Celebrate!

October 4, 2010 5:41 am

Can you believe it?! Rawfully Organic is celebrating our 3rd anniversary this week! It feels like just yesterday that I was still in college coming home early from class to unpack 40 cases of produce in my living room with twelve other friends! Haha! We have most definitely grown, and we now share food beyond the Houston city limits with over 2000 families! Can you say, ?blessed?!? Or maybe say, ?Whoa! Cool!?

I have a bundle of surprises planned for this week! I cannot express my excitement! Fall is officially here, and with it, come many fall yummies that are just arriving! Trust me when I say that you want to be able to pick up a box this week! Each day will have its very own special surprises! :)

We will kick off the week with our brand new Tuesday home at the Houston Arboretum! We have a whole new group joining the co-op, and I am so glad to be able to meet everyone and welcome them to the Rawfully Organic family! Houston?s 002 Magazine will be coming with party favors to pass out! In addition, The Fruit Palette will be coming to bring organic fruit popsicles for everyone to enjoy this day! The Houston Arboretum will also be there celebrating with us and will be promoting their super-cool ArBOOretum event for Halloween! Volunteer hours will be from 1-4 PM, and Veggie Pick-Ups will be from 4-7 PM.

Thursday at the Nottingham Forest Club will be moving up its pick-up times to be from 4-7 PM to match Tuesday times and to prepare for the time change. Volunteer hours will be from 1-4 PM. Prepare for a dancing party while sorting the veggies!

The times and volunteer hours on Saturday will remain the same!

Please come out to celebrate! I cannot express the amount of joy that I receive from sharing not only food, but also my heart with all of you. We have all joined to create something truly good and helpful to humanity. It is inspiring to see such a powerful, healthy message ?infect? Houston! I am so excited to share this week with all of you, and I cannot wait to grow with love, abundance, and fruitfulness!

Blessings and hugs!