GOOD PEOPLE | Rawfully Organic


January 24, 2011 7:12 am

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you have all had the most amazing weekend! This weekend has been incredible in every way! Not only do we have so much local abundance, but it was this weekend that I felt community more than ever before; I truly felt like we have become a co-op family.

I know that I have said it before over and over, but perhaps this weekend I was able to see HOW CONNECTED everyone truly has become. Even if this is your first time reading this newsletter, you are connected too! We are all connected.

From Tuesday to Saturday, I get to spend a good amount of time with the volunteers who come to help sort, and then I get to spend special time with those who come to pick up their shares. I see every face, and I try to greet every person that I can. This week has been special in the sense that I saw SO many more people reach out to become a part of our local community. We are not just any community, but we are a unique group that appreciates all that our green earth has to offer. We appreciate organic food, local produce, raw foods, warm hugs, and abundance. For what more can you ask???

You may hear from others that it is difficult to find GOOD PEOPLE. After having run this co-op for 3.5 years, I must argue that this is absolutely NOT true. I am surrounded with the most beautiful and good-hearted people. It is YOU ALL! It is because of you that we have such a beautiful co-op. Five and a half years ago when I first went raw, it was difficult to find individuals with the same common interest of even being vegetarian. Now, it has become more socially acceptable, and those who were in hiding have come out to celebrate this blessing! We have built a community based upon giving, sharing, and receiving. How cool!

I know that I am not the only one who has felt this sense of family. All week volunteers and co-operators alike have commented that they truly feel like they are a part of something special. Even through the freezing Saturday morning weather, helping hands and smiles surrounded me! There is an overwhelming sense of good energy that you get simply being around like-minded people who love fresh raw food, vibrant colors, fresh tastes, and life. When we are all joined together, we create synergy. After all three co-op days this past week, I have left co-op with an overwhelming sense of humility, peace, joy, and excitement. I simply cannot wait to begin this next week with you all!

When we do things that we enjoy, we find joy in life. We find contentment, and we find purpose. Co-op is simply FUN, and I get more out of co-operating than anything. If I were to die today, I would die blissful knowing that I am perfectly content with my life and that God has blessed me with the best family ever. Life is too short to waste attempting to please other people and to win the rat race.

Can you take time to realize what you want, and do you have the courage to live it?

We can only open our hearts and feel more and more blessed as each day passes. The energy that our hearts put out will only bring us more of that goodness in abundance. WE are good people, and good people are in the world. We connect with people in good places such as our co-op, and I am so blessed that we have created a safe haven, a home, that we can all share. We all take part, we all take ownership, we all love it, we all eat amazing food, and we all R-O-C.

Love you all. BIG HUGS.