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Give to the Givers

April 20, 2010 6:46 am

This weekend was a mix of sunshine and refreshing rain. The weekends are always nice to press the reboot button, they allow us to re-center ourselves for the following week. J It has been a long time since I was able to take a run in the rain, but it was warm enough this weekend that I was able to run in the rain and feel free without freezing myself! The rain is cleansing on so many levels. For those of you who have not tried this, I highly recommend it!

It amazes me that sometimes we can have a talk with a complete stranger, and this conversation can change our entire perception on a topic. This past week, I was blessed to talk to a new friend who enlightened me about giving. Most of us can think of individuals off the top of our heads who are giving all of the time. These are people who give in many different ways. There are those who give by doing favors for people, and there are those who give by donating their time or funds. There are also those who give by giving their time and their souls to the communities around them. There are infinite ways to give, but does everyone participate?

After talking with my new friend, I realized that everyone gives in their own way; however, one of the most important ways to give is to give to the givers. The givers are the ones who truly expose themselves and put themselves on a line to make change. They take gifts, and they use them for the benefit of the greater good. They use this power for the greater good. They like to lead the forefront of any movement, and they like to guide others to foster growth in any area of life. These givers can also be known to give too much of themselves for the greater good, but they give from the heart.

For those of us who have read the book The Giver by Lois Lowry while growing up, we see one character who is chosen to be the giver of the community. He is chosen to serve and to give back in a way that the others cannot reciprocate. Ironically, although this character gives so much of himself, he receives no support. He gives so much of himself that he loses himself in the end of the novel. Because the community around him does not support him, they also struggle in the end. In relation to our own lives, I am sure that we can all think of someone in our lives who gives too much of themselves?we most likely worry that they will forget to give back to themselves because they are so focused on their mission. Is this a healthy exchange?

There are givers and leaders for so many different types of undertakings, charities, or movements. Anyone can be a giver, yes, but some choose to hand this responsibility to others who they know will be able to create a difference. We all have different missions in life, and there may be many different missions that we want to support. Us being human, we cannot individually lead every huge movement, but we can be a part of them and take charge of the ones that call to our hearts. Some of us have been placed in the leadership position, but we have all been in the position to give to the ones in charge so that they can lead the change. If you believe in this change, you must also give to the givers.? If you want to be the giver, then you must give back. The beautiful cycle emerges: those who support the givers help to foster growth and change; the givers, in return, use their power to give back to the greater good.

Imagine all of the possibilities in life that can emerge if everyone gave to the givers. I believe that so many of us can be true givers, and the more givers that we have, the more the world benefits. There is no strain on any one person, but we all work together to create change. Every effort, every hand, and even every thought helps to give. There is SO much to give! We all have the power to make this world a more amazing place. No matter what you are doing or what you support, GIVE.

I received one of the best compliments ever that I am a giver. I love to give, but I had never thought of myself as a giver until now. I am a giver, and I want to help others give too?no matter what that may be. I WANT to give back: I want to foster change in the raw foods movement, I WANT to support local organic farmers, I WANT to lead as an example for all health enthusiasts, and I want to help support others in achieving health. Please know that I am not asking for people to give anything to me for I am already receiving more support than I could have ever possibly dreamed of receiving. I simply want to share these thoughts and realizations. I have gained friendships, food, and hugs, and I have had the privilege to surround myself with so many other givers (all of you!!!). Even if you do not wish to be giver, you can give to the givers to create change and make a world of difference.? No matter what you wish to support, I pray that it is good and that it allows everyone to benefit.

Give freely. Give openly. Give acceptingly. Give whole-heartedly. Give unconditionally. Give unselfishly. Give humbly. Give lovingly. Give hugs. Give :)