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Give Life in a Box

December 12, 2011 8:56 am

ABC Channel 13 features Rawfully Organic!

Do you feel Christmas in the air?! It’s coming! This is my favorite time of the year because I get to GIVE BACK to those that I love the most…YOU! Double hugs for everyone! :)

The week before Christmas, we will have co-op up until that Thursday, then we will not have co-op the 24th, 27th, or 29th. Until then, the boxes will be like Christmas surprises, overflowing with Santa’s bounty! Find out what will be in this week’s box here, and order here! If you haven’t already seen our awesome reel from Channel 13 News, please watch! You can also keep up to date with our latest holiday videos on our You Tube Channel and community recipe ideas on our Facebook Page!

I’ve entitled this week’s email newsletter “Give Life Back in a Box” for the sole purpose that I believe our boxes distribute life. Three times a week, I get to see over 350 families pick up their boxes, overjoyed to get home and bless their bodies and families with colorful goodness. I’ve been so humbled this week to see SO many ask to buy shares for their friends for Christmas because I cannot think of a greater gift to give: LIFE.

Essentially, our boxes are filled with healthy goodness, but not just ANY healthy goodness…RAW goodness. Fruits and vegetables are the most vitamin and mineral jam-packed sources of foods on the planet; they are filled with vibrancy. They literally make us glow on a cellular level, and they make us feel amazing, light, and joyful when we eat them. Everyone knows that increasing one’s diet in fruits and vegetables makes you feel more alive…so why not eat them ALL the time and feel the blessing of life inside of you INFINITELY?! (This feeling is the reason that I have been 100% raw for 6 years!)

As the volunteers prep the boxes at co-op, I consider it to be a very peaceful and exciting time, because it is almost as if we are blessing the boxes to go out to everyone. We are filling them with the blessings of life, and these nutrients will fuel you to function at your highest physical, mental, and possibly spiritual performance. Unlike other foods, these foods “love you back,” essentially and metaphorically. They bring us better physical appeal, make us glow, and even bring us more self confidence. Eating colorful foods brings about a shift in confidence, mental clarity, and happiness. Yes, eating fruits and vegetables makes you feel happier! They are a gift, and the gift they reap is LIFE.

Love yourself this holiday season by giving your body the gift of life. Eat your box, eat your fruits and veggies, and eat them raw. When you love yourself, you love others and everyone around you. I truly do love you all from the fruitiness of my heart, and for this reason, I run this co-op as a labor of love. Thank you for making it the most loving, accepting, safe, and special place for so many. I cannot wait to share this holiday season with you! Besides the food, you all are my gifts! :)

I look forward to seeing you all this week!

Hugs and love!


P.S. This is the LAST week to get a vitamix with free shipping before Christmas, please email me at!

P.S. 2: If you are interested in “gifting” a box, please email me as well!