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FullyRaw Tips to Stay Warm in Winter

December 19, 2012 9:20 am

FullyRaw Tips to Stay Warm in Winter!

When I first went raw, my body fat percentage lowered, and I naturally felt colder b/c my body was learning to regulate itself. Now, I don?t feel as cold, I actually deal with the cold better.

My body needed time to adapt and level out. Now, I deal with the cold fine as long as I adhere to these simple tips!

Many people associate being warm with eating ?warm? foods; however, this isn?t always the case. One does not need to eat warm foods to feel warm or to keep warm. I?ve noticed that for me, I get colder eating ?warmer? foods b/c it throws off your body temperature. After you eat something warm, your body cools back off and expends energy trying to regulate your temperature again. Therefore, your body remains more stable eating room temperature raw foods, which will help you in the long run.

It’s not always possible to move to a warm climate, so create your own in your home! Turn up the heater. Why not create a tropic zone in your house if you can? If it keeps you happy, it’s actually less expensive than using the AC in the summer months!

Travel if you can! Visit places that you want!

It?s mental not physical.

Wear warm clothing and layer up! Double pairs of socks.

Take warm showers and practice skin brushing to increase blood circulation.

Get exercise! Build muscle and get to the gym or play outdoors. Muscle keeps you warm:? keeps your blood pumping and adds a bit of ?meat? to your bones!
Building muscle gives you coating, and please keep in mind that it is not fat, it’s muscle. Working out helps you breath and get your circulatory system MOVING. This creates a flow of energy.
Don?t get lazy people! Get active! Makes the time pass faster!

Use your resources: electric blankets, hot tubs, and warm baths are all magical!

SNUGGLE: Body heat is the fastest kind of heat! And the best way to keep warm!

Eat things room temperature! Not cold not hot.

I?ve never found spicy foods to help me be warmer, but I will say that cayenne pepper or ginger are GREAT truly raw warming additions. Don?t make a meal out of them, but perhaps blend them in a salad dressing of sorts.

Stock up on foods the same as you would in the summer or fall, just with the varieties available to you that season. For instance, persimmons, dates, bananas, durians, greens…whatever is abundant. Many do eat frozen foods at this time…if that?s all you can get, it?s OK. Don?t stress about that! See my video about What I Eat in a Winter Day Here.

You can drink tea, but still messes up your body temperature.

Light candles or burn incense. When people see candles, they feel warmer. It’s a mental thing.

Stay away from alcohol b/c it chills the body.

Eat enough and eat calorie dense foods like fruits. Get full on fruits! It produces heat that more easily circulates in your body. If I overeat, I will actually OVER HEAT. This creates heat in the CORE of your body and spreads warmth throughout your system. You feel warmer b/c your digestive system is functioning and it circulates this heat throughout your extremities.

Up your fat intake in winter?? You can, but you may notice weight gain. If you do, I recommend avocados because tend to constipate you more. Increase to 20% perhaps… because in summer you may not be eating fat at all. Keep in mind that it balances out yearly or even seasonally. I eat durian quite a bit in the winter, but I don?t eat it at all in the summer averages out.

Remember it IS a journey.
Remember your pleasant and unpleasant experiences and learn from all of them so that you can figure out what works for you and what doesn’t! Have fun! Give hugs!