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Freedom Boxes

March 22, 2010 6:42 am

I hope that everyone has stayed warm this weekend! For many, we are ?Springing back from break? as this past week was a week off from school for many students and families. We had a spritz of winter blow into the city, but it won?t be here much longer. This past week was one of those weeks where I simply felt grateful for absolutely every single element in my life?whether it was people, food, or experiences. Some people say that I am surrounded by luck, but I truly believe that it is all in our perceptions and all in the way that we perceive our environment. There are plenty of circumstances that happen to me on a daily basis, but it is the way that I choose to look at them that brings me more joy than sorrow. I hope to share this with all of you! I realized that because of my raw lifestyle and because of the food that I eat, I feel freedom, I feel empowered, and I feel unbelievably thankful for every bite.

Call me ?nuts,? but I truly feel as if our co-op is becoming a family! Week after week, I get to see everyone, and I have developed such amazing relationships with each of you. Then, I get to see all of you develop relationships with each other! I cannot help but become overwhelmed in the joy of this process. No matter what it may be, we are all connected. The fact that we are able to share food and to eat to our hearts? desires is a blessing. I have memories from when I lived in Nashville and lived on pears, romaine, and bananas. I now look at my box, and I cannot believe how blessed I feel every minute of every day to have such abundance and to have such crazy varieties of food!

Friday night I was home eating the most amazing salad ever. I was literally tasting the rainbow, and I was ?mmmmmming? with every single bite. I recall my mother asking me to stop at least twice!! As I was sitting there, I started to laugh as I received about five messages on my phone from other co-operators doing exactly the same thing! Hahah! We were all sitting down and eating huge, colorful salads. It was so interesting to see how we all took the same ingredients but made a different feast from the selection. It was almost as if each of our salads had their own personality that represented its owner. I believe it! I sat there, and I remember telling my mother that I was in heaven with the amount of flavor explosions happening on my mouth! Never in my life did I think that I would be able to eat such amazing foods or that I would be able to afford such an abundance! Many of these items you simply cannot get in the store, especially in one stop! Amen!

As I sat and slowly munch on my greens covered in a sweet purple, orange dressing, I thought about how much freedom the co-op has created for me in terms of shopping for value. When we come to co-op, we whip out the set amount due for our box, and we go to pick up our box knowing that the value is IN the box. I watch people on Thursdays and Saturdays swapping vegetables, and I cannot help but chuckle sometimes at how individuals try to place a price on single items when trying to exchange them. Can you put a price on it? Rather, should anyone ever be worrying about single amounts? What a stress! When I used to go to the grocery store, I used to look at each price, worry, think, contemplate, and worry. The co-op has freed me from that! I used to not be able to afford each individual item, but I can now afford the box! I no longer focus on the small things in life, but I am able to look at the bigger box and think, ?Holy basil, it?s all for me!? 😉 Not one item holds any specific value, but they all hold value together. This is part of what makes our box so special.? Perhaps we should call them freedom boxes!

Our boxes make me feel empowered. When I walk in the sun, I feel empowered. I feel joy, and I feel strength. I know that I would not feel this way if it were not for this healthy way of living that is a huge dominating factor in my life. No way. I?ve lived it before, and it felt nothing like this. My mind, my body, and my spirit has changed. We continue to grow with the atmospheres in which we place ourselves. We also continue to grow with our own self-mantras, and we attract more of what we choose to attract into our lives. Everyday I tell myself that we are always on an uphill climb. We are always surrounded by love. We are always in abundance!

Thank you for letting me simply share all of my thoughts of gratitude with you this week. I hope that you are feeling the freedom in your box, I hope that you are feeling empowered, and I hope that you are enjoying each bite out of your box. I hope that you decide to manifest your dreams because you CAN, and I pray that you share these gifts with others. Celebrate in the color of your life (and your salad!), and I hope to see you this week!