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Food Freedom

July 4, 2011 2:34 pm

I hope that everyone is having a super relaxing and fun July 4th holiday! I hope that you all have been frolicking about in the sunshine, eating tons of juicy melon, and having a good ol’ time! I have been gobbling up the figs, blueberries, melons, and nectarines from this past week’s box, and I am almost out of food and ready for my next box! As I reflect on what it means to celebrate July 4th, I think about the freedom that we as Americans have to live our lives according to choice. We have the freedom to make our own choices and live our lives in accordance with our desires and dreams. We have food freedom, but do we choose it?

On every corner that you look, you will most likely see a fast food restaurant or an advertisement for such foods. If you look across the street, you will most likely NOT see an organic, raw vegan restaurant. Even if you find a food store, will they have produce available, or organic produce at that? Most likely not. While eating “green” has become mainstream in the U.S., it still has not become prominent, and many still do not know what it means to eat “green.” Does eating green mean to eat “healthier” or to eat more greens? Does it mean that one must try to eat more sustainably?? Or does it mean that one must recycle the plastic that carried their food? For many, there is still must confusion about what it means to eat green–much less vegetarian, vegan, and definitely raw vegan.

Everyone has always said that America is the “Land of the Free,” and this is true. Ironically though, Americans can only be free to choose the options that are available to them. Organic produce is still not available everywhere in our country, much less the world. Even in Houston, many still do not know that a Rawfully Organic exists. If organic produce is not available, can they choose it?? How much food freedom do we have if good food is not an available resource?? How can we create more raw and organic options in our country?

The answer is simple. Supply = demand, and demand = supply. In corporate America, when a product is purchased, an inventory is taken that goes back to the supplier that lets them know that they need to produce more of that particular item. If there is more demand for a product, then more be must supplied. As that item becomes heavily financially supported, more of that item is produced, and it will most likely be seen at every corner. This is what happens with not only fast food chains, but also with any company that is able to sell nationally and even globally.? A convenient option was made to access cheap and tasty food, and the option was simply too good to pass up…until now!

Before fast food chains, America was known for farming; we were in touch with our roots. Families depended on the land to harvest their own food for survival, and they ate foods that were not as heavily processed as they are today. Today, we live in a modern society and find ourselves in a catch 22. While we may have WAY more processed foods surrounding us, we currently have a better variety of fruits and vegetables available for purchase than we would have had before grocery chains were around. So why don’t we choose them?! We are able to eat a humongous variety of fruits and vegetables that we would perhaps not be eating if they were not driven from hundreds of miles away. Although we may not see as many healthy foods available to us as we many like, our options are improving daily as individuals fight to make better options available to all.

If complete food freedom is available for individuals or families, why do you think it is that many of them still do not choose the healthier options? Has our society becomes addicted to the unhealthy foods, or are we perhaps afraid of change? The answer is a combination of both. Many “foods” have been crafted, genetically modified, packaged, and marketed in order to appease and tempt our every taste buds. When these “foods” are placed along side a plate of organic veggies, many Americans may go for the double cheeseburger with fries; but, we are seeing this change. Change IS scary, but only because it is new to us. After we get in the groove, then the change becomes natural.? Change is happening in America, and we are slowly starting to find food freedom.

I give thanks and gratitude EVERY day for the blessing to be able to eat organic and raw produce from our beloved co-op. We have created the option, and it is available to us, I choose it because that is WHERE I want to see my dollar create supply and demand in our world. I want to see Rawfully Organic EVERYWHERE. I know that my dollar goes straight back to the organic farmers who produced the food, and that is my voice to them to tell them to grow more! If raw, organic, and local produce existed at EVERY corner just as fast food chains do, more people would choose the option to eat healthier. Imagine that!

We create our food freedoms. Our dollar creates more of what we want to see. If you want to see more rawFULLY happy foods at every corner, buy more raw! Putting your dollar in our boxes creates more of THIS abundance not only in our city, but in our world! We are SO incredibly blessed to be able to eat the organic abundance that we have in our boxes, and we must not take it for granted. The more that we support buying organic produce, the more we will see it produce for us! This is the change that we want to see happen in our nation! We as individuals–as this co-op–can make it happen! We are creating community around food, and we are supporting each other in finding health. We are paving our paths, and we are growing our future. Lettuce do it!

I hope that you all have an AMAZING holiday, and I hope to see EACH of you this week since I know that so many will be coming back from being out of town. Please don’t forget to place your orders. I know that many will be coming in from out of town last minute!