FEED | Rawfully Organic


August 30, 2010 5:36 am

I hope that you all have had the best weekend! The shift is here where everyone will begin adjusting to the year, and Fall is just around the corner. I got to truly enjoy a tiny bit of time for myself this weekend, and all I can say is that ME time is unbelievably important! I took the time to play piano, swim under the stars, and actually read a good book! Perhaps, sometimes we forget that life is not all about work?what regenerates us most are the moments that we are able to gather our thoughts and continue to FEED our juices.

I had a moment this weekend that made me think of the word FEED. Perhaps it is because I am feeding hundreds of families on a weekly basis, but in essence, what I do is FEED. However, I feed not only food. The significance of this word goes far beyond our comprehension. There are so many faucets to feeding individuals, feeding families, and feeding yourself. We feed ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The word FEED has the following definitions according to the Oxford Dictionary:

  • To give food to
  • Provide an adequate amount of food for
  • Nourishment from
  • Encourage the growth of
  • Supply with material, power, or other things necessary for its operation
  • Supply with information or with ideas
  • Supply with water
  • Insert coins to extend the life of
  • Cause to move gradually and steadily, typically through a confined space

The easy one to see here is that we all feed ourselves physically. We all must eat food to live; however, not all food will truly feed us in a way that nourishes us. Tonight when making my salad, my sister was preparing her food as well. She was sprinkling something onto her plate that was meant to make her food palatable. It occurred to me that true food should not need to be seasoned; it should not need to be modified to be food. We create condiments to make non-food taste like food! Food should be tasteful, delicious, and ready to eat whole. Truly, no preparation is needed. If it is food, it will already taste good. It will have all of the ingredients in it already to make it wholesome because it will be a whole food?it is complete simply by growing. We cannot create food, but food is created for us. Sure, we can snazzy it up and make it look beautiful and combine its flavors to create a truly rawesome and radical dish, but essentially we do not need to create any ingredients to cover the taste of these fruits or vegetables. They already shine and glow with life, and these juices FEED our bodies and minds to escalate to higher levels of living! When we FEED ourselves with REAL food?raw, fresh, ripe, organic fruits and veggies?we are feeding the world life. When we care for ourselves in such a way, everything and everyone surrounding us benefits. We create change simply by changing ourselves. We not only FEED our bodies, but we feed others.

When we eat foods that are truly filled with LIFE, we also feed ourselves emotionally. Nutritionally charged foods allow our minds to vibrate at higher frequencies; thus, allowing is to peak our performances daily. Everyday is an uphill climb. Once you truly incorporate living raw and living healthfully as a lifestyle, there is no going back. You will not want to go back because everyday becomes more of a blessing?you allow yourself to live in abundance and joy! Just as eating cleansing foods will cleanse our bodies of impurities, eating raw foods will also cleanse our minds of negative thoughts, sad emotions, etc. It is a different type of detox, but it resurfaces emotions that we tend to stuff away, and it clears them from our bodies. If anyone of you has ever read the book ?Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,? the message is completely true. Emotions that we ignore will stay inside of us and possibly create sickness or depression in our bodies. We all manifest these negatives in different ways, but regardless, they have the potential to hinder us from seeing the light and from operating at our best. Who wants to walk around feeling like they have bricks on their shoulders?? Clear out your body by feeding your mind. Feed your body, feed your mind!

Eating foods that come from the earth and that are not modified by man?s hands create a deeper sense of spirituality in one?s life. One becomes more appreciative of the bounty that magically grows from the ground! When we eat the foods that the earth feeds us, we are then connected to our planet?we are connected to all that surrounds us. Many of us to do not get the chance to spend time in nature, so perhaps eating fruits and vegetables feels foreign to us. However, it is as easy as breathing or walking. Eating an abundance of vegetables and fruits should be a part of our lives. It is a choice. I find it funny when you watch food commercials that attempt to make a certain prepared dish look good, when in all honesty, the food looks soaked in grease and slimy. It is made-made or modified with many ingredients so that all that remains is a small portion or food and many chemicals. You never see commercials trying to get an audience to eat an apple or a pear because it is not man-made?there is no real profit being made from eating a fruit or vegetable. It is not a creation of a certain company made for profit. Sure, some will showcase a granola bar with many exotic fruits and such, but do you ever see commercials showing off the sexy curves of kale or the succulent juice of a nectarine?? Now that would get me salivating, and it would truly drive the hunger within me to share with others! Farmers grow our food, and they rarely benefit in the ways that we would wish. Our food connects us to our planet, and it increases our awareness of the earth. If we destroy the earth, we destroy our food source. If we have no food, we cannot feed ourselves. Hence, we cannot feed others or the world.

What I do in the co-op is try to FEED families, friends, and individuals. I feed everyone beautiful, abundant, and organic fruits and vegetables, but I also try to FEED everyone with useful knowledge to make excellent food choices. I like to encourage the growth of food and the growth of our souls. If I provide you with such knowledge of your mind and body, you can help to improve yourself. If you are improving yourself, you are improving the world in which we live. There has been too much negative talk about the direction in which are world is heading. I am going to stand out on a limb and say that I believe in the force that will make this world a better place. I believe in everyone to help turn everything around. Everything (the economy, pollution, relationships, networks, etc.) is affected by the ways that we feed ourselves.

Why not feed us life so that we can GIVE life and GIVE back TO LIFE? If we do this little by little, we will see things not only change, but also soar. We have the power to make this life the best life ever, and it all depends on how we FEED.

So ?lettuce? FEED our bodies and minds so that we can FEED in infinite ways. There is too much to give back to make this world a truly special haven. I hope that you FEED yourself with love and compassion this week, and I hope that you FEED those around you to create a perfect abundance!

Sending many HUGS!