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Kickin’ It Green!

January 10, 2011 7:28 am

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! The first week of January has officially completed itself, and we have officially begun 2011! Bundle up because we are in for some colder weather this coming week! While it may be a bit chillier, the colder weather is bringing in tons of new local greens that we have not been able to enjoy for about a year! In the boxes this past week we saw local arugula, tat soi (Chinese spinach), pak choi, tomatoes, grapefruits, and even the first of the red kale on Saturday! Cross your fingers that we will be able to get more and more local abundance this week!

Now that we have settled a little bit more into 2011 and now that we have mentally set our goals for this year, now it is time to truly peg them to our to-do lists. Too many of us have set goals that we have not yet achieved. Well, what if now is the time? It is as fresh of a start as ever, and if you write down the goal, set a completion date, and reserve work time, you will meet your goal! The next question remains as follows: how badly do you want it?

Keeping ourselves motivated is challenging. Let?s admit; life is not always according to plan. Surprises happen, and we get thrown off our tracks sometimes. However, let us not forget that we create our own paths. I recently had a wonderful heart to heart with a friend about ?the journey? of life. So many of us get lost in the moment that we forget that life is all about the journey?the road, the experience, the people, the travel, the tears, and the joy that come from simply living our lives and learning with the best of our abilities. What do you take away from each experience that you face on a daily basis?

If your answer is that you do not always encounter special occurrences daily, then you are not opening your eyes wide enough. BOING! Open those babies! Look around you. The people, the objects, the pictures, etc., all share a piece of who you are. We attract all that comes into our lives; therefore, the more we are able to recognize special instances, learn from them, and express gratitude, the more abundant and humbling life becomes.

Everything that you want to achieve in your life is possible. Now, put it into action by taking one step at a time. If you are worried that you cannot do it, then simply your goals list and make it as streamlined as possible. Prioritize. Make a checklist that you post up in your house to remind yourself of your dedication to these tasks. Love what you do, and the rest will follow. When you work from the heart, you will simply shine. Life becomes easy after that!

I was so overwhelmed with humility and love at co-op this week when I was able to see everyone back from the holidays. I have missed you all terribly, and you made my week simply by showing up and hugging me! The co-op is growing, and we are adding new members to our family each week! ?Lettuce? be grateful to welcome so many new enthusiasts to our Rawfully Organic home, and please do not be afraid to invite others. There is always enough room and food?the more co-operators that we have, the more food we will have, the merrier we will be, the more local we will support, and the more hugs we will get!

It may be cold outside this week, but I will be staying warm with lots of loving hugs! Thank you all for holding my heart in 2010. I promise to try to make 2011 one of the best years ever for all of us!

All my love,