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Expand Your Circle

July 25, 2011 7:06 am

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! It was a weekend of sunshine, smiles, local watermelons, and white nectarines! Even though the weather is definitely humid and warm, it can feel nice to get out of the house and enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals who appreciate livelihood, good food, and sincere fun! I have posted new pictures onto facebook from this past week’s co-op, and I have also updated the “What’s in the Boxes?!” page in addition to the Honeydew recipe of the week! Please check them out and share them with your circle of friends and family members!

In today’s society, you don’t find “community” as much as once before. Progressively over time, families have become more inwardly focused, technologies have placed more people behind computers, and violence/politics have caused individuals to shell themselves. Individuals have closed their inner circles rather than expand them, and it has affected not only our city, but also our nation and world. Are people afraid to go out of the house to meet new people or find new experiences within their hometown? Or, have we gotten so used to a routine daily schedule that we simply forget to branch out every now and then?

Everyone has a circle of influence. A circle of influence can be anything from friends to foods to efforts to volunteering. We all have circles in our lives where we let others into our personal world or where we are able to influence the world of someone else. Hopefully, you can say that you are active in participating in both frequently! Although these circles may have different layers of families, friends, or activities that are closer to your heart than others, they are still all an integral part of your life. For many, expanding their circle of influence is typically a scary thing and is not done often; it means that one must branch out, try new things, and possibly change. Oooo…..change can be scary…but it also has the incredible potential to be amazing and life-soaring! :)

Everyday I try to expand my circle of influence in life. I try not only to reach and to inspire more people on a daily basis, but also I try to reach outside of my comfort zone to either try something new that I wouldn’t normally do, or even try to shift my perception on something that brings me discomfort. Expanding your circle is synonymous with reaching out, meeting new people, and trying new things. Everyone has a different way of reaching out, but it is this act that can eventually bring more community to our world. Expanding your circle trumps your fears, and it creates trust not only in your heart, but also brings warmth and love to our world.

The past few weeks, I have seen new volunteers come to co-op, new friends be made, and even more people go 100% raw!? I have been inspired by so many truly expanding their circles in life! They aim to not only change their lives, but also to inspire the lives of those around them, especially their friends and family members. What I find to be truly cool is the combination of expanding one’s circle both physically and mentally. The body and mind are intertwined, so essentially we cannot work on one without affecting the other. When we expand our circle to eat better and to live better, we also feel better emotionally. When we feel better emotionally or surround ourselves with things that bring us joy, we tend to want to take better care of ourselves physically–this includes eating better! Last week I blogged about how merely looking at the rainbow-filled colors in our boxes can bring joy. This week, simply expanding your circle of comfort can bring more color and excitement to your life!

This week, try to eat more colorful foods, or even try to eat one meal a day that is raw! Meet new people or even come to volunteer with others at co-op! Expand your circle and enjoy the journey! One does not even need a particular goal in mind. All you need is a step in a happy direction, one that can lead you to appreciate all experiences in life. We grow from every choice and every path that we encounter, thus making us into beautifully unique individuals. “Lettuce” cherish these circles of expansion always, and “lettuce” share these memorable moments with the world!

I hope to see ALL of your happy faces at co-op this week! Please share with me how you chose to expand your circle! I can’t wait to hear!

Hugs and love,