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Empower Yourself

March 29, 2010 6:42 am

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone is starting off the week with a productive enthusiasm and gusto! The weekend seemed to have been a nice combination of relaxation and of socializing. I hope that you were able to branch out of your comfort zone and be pleasantly surprised with a wonderful time! I was so excited this week when I got to spend extra time in the sun running! When I spend time in the sun, I feel empowered. It?s so unbelievably relaxing and, yet, energizing to simply let it touch your skin.

Speaking of feeling empowered, I feel empowered simply by living the raw food lifestyle that I live. So many this week have asked me for help in succeeding on a raw food lifestyle, and I am beyond HAPPY to hear it and to help! It changes lives because it is a change of lifestyle, not just a diet. Even if you?re not raw and if you make an effort to eat healthier, you have just changed your life! You dedicate yourself to a new way of thinking that transforms your every decision. I am so excited that so many in the co-op are really trying to get healthier this Spring. People are making goals to eat more raw foods, and they are feeling motivated to really change their lives. We are all trying to change our lives daily, whether it?s a big change or a small change. If you aren?t trying to change, you are still changing with your surroundings and adapting to the times. Times are good always.

I know that when I was first going raw, I was immersed in SO much information about raw foods. At times, it became difficult to feel like I was getting it right because there was so much conflicting information coming from so many sources. However, over time, and after finding 80/10/10, I found myself feeling empowered. I was empowered because I had authority over my own life and my own food choices. I spent months studying my body and getting to know it; I became my own guru. Of course one feels stronger and more confident when he make such changes in his life, but not just physically?this energy emits throughout ones entire persona.

Before I was raw and before I had the co-op, I lived in fear of abundance and in fear of acceptance of good in my life. Because we are frightened of change, we become afraid to succeed although this success can bring us joy and abundance. One can see this manifested in any life easily. An easy example for me to identify is when I see people who are striving to be raw/healthy, and they don?t want to buy enough food for themselves to get them through the week. They try to eat less, but then during the week, they end up going hungry and grabbing something else that is unhealthy. Being ?rawfully organic? and ?rawfully happy? is all about surrounding yourself with complete abundance so that you can succeed in all of your endeavors! You must surround yourself with abundance to do this. Especially when you eat more produce, you must eat a bit more to get in sufficient calories, so it?s a blessing to be able to indulge in such beautiful foods! If one can allow himself to enjoy the goodness of the food, they can allow themselves to enjoy so much more goodness in life. It is not just about the food, but it is about creating safety nets for yourself so that you can feel secure in your choices no matter what. Believe that you deserve authority in your own life. Give yourself the freedom to succeed and find how quickly that you grow!

Give yourself the freedom that you need to succeed. To be anxious of the unknown is to lack faith that any good can happen. Don?t limit yourself and trust that the rest will follow. So many desire to change their lives, but they are not willing to let go of their old habits and give new ones a shot. No one likes chasing his or her tail. Change can be scary, but once you take the leap, you wonder why you hadn?t done it before! Possibilities await us all if we look beyond our own periscope and open our eyes to the ocean surrounding us. Take a deep breath and open your eyes to the changes that you want to manifest in your life today. Make choices for yourself that allow you to feel empowered on every level. Be the sun that empowers others!

I hope that you have the BEST week and that you soak up the sun! I can?t wait to see you Thursday! *Hugs*