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Eating Raw is the HAPPY PILL!

May 2, 2011 6:41 am

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have re-vamped this weekend and that you are ready for a full and productive week! We all got to enjoy abundant pineapples, strawberries, and apples this past week, and I may have some surprise peaches up my sleeve this week or next! Summer fruits are coming soon!? But, of course, I won’t ruin the surprise! ;)? I also had an exciting past week as I was invited to be on the Great Day Houston TV show! I want to thank everyone who watched, and if you missed, it, no worries! I have posted the video on you tube as well as on the Rawfully Organic Video Page! Enjoy!

This week has been filled with SO much energy, and I simply cannot thank everyone enough for his continued support and enthusiasm in helping our co-op be the coolest thing since raw banana ice cream! You all ROC! My goal is simply to REACH PEOPLE and to FEED not only food, but also encouragement in eating raw and in creating supportive and healthy communities! People are sometimes shocked to hear that I have been 100% raw for almost 6 years, but I will share that it fuels me to spread this message. I have people who ask me all the time, “Where do you get the energy?!” and “How do you manage to stay happy and positive ALL the time?!” To me, the answer is simple, and I want to share it with you:


I know to many of you this may seem odd, but it is the truth! There is something exciting about being raw–it’s almost like a secret, but you simply cannot hold in the excitement, so you want to blurt it out to the world! The only catch is that not everyone wants to hear the message. Change is scary and getting healthy is a battle for 99.9% of the population. Why is it so hard for us to find peace, discipline, and happiness in the foods that we eat?

There are several reasons why eating raw makes you a happier person. Firstly, the food is simply vibrating with color and energy! Because the food is not cooked, no protein is denatured, and you are eating foods that vibrate at higher frequencies than cooked foods. If you want to feel alive, why would you eat something that is dead? Check mate! Everything that I eat has vibrancy and high energy, and when I eat that food, I am fueled with that same energy and life! Many find difficulty in understanding the connection between what you eat and how to feel physically; yet, it exists. We are what we eat. This connection goes beyond the physical, and it also effects our mental and spiritual. I am sure that you have heard this before though, right? So why is getting healthier or eating raw so hard?! I will share with you a secret: 95% of the struggle is all in your head. Eating raw is as simple as peeling a banana and eating it. You must dig deep and explore the emotional part of yourself that fears change.

Secondly, eating raw makes us happier people because the live food brings life to our thoughts! When we eat color-rich foods, we exude that energy. Our minds are also fueled by the foods that we eat, thus affecting our attitudes towards any challenges that may be in our days. Since I have been raw, I have had to face deep emotional issues that I have had–whether they have been attachments to food or whether they involved past situations that I needed to overcome to help me feel like a free bird. We all have ghosts in the closets that want to come out, and that is ok! We want them out! Being raw can scare people because many of our emotional issues are surfaced when we eat healthier because we are cleaning out toxins. Yes, thoughts and negative emotions can be toxic to our bodies! If you are not ready to look in the mirror, then you may feel tempted to go back into old habits. However, the secret is to have a support team of individuals who truly love you and want to encourage you to get healthy. Don’t know anyone? Look at the HUGE co-op community that we have…and everyone is here because he WANTS to be healthier! Eating happy foods make us think happy thoughts. It may take time (took me almost 6 years of eating raw to feel euphoric all the time!), but by-gosh-golly I feel amazing! Some fear feeling amazing all of the time, but there is no need! If we look at every situation as a growth opportunity, then we have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Thirdly, dedicating ourselves to eating healthier gives us confidence and self-love. When we make the effort to change our lives, we feel empowered. We feel self-love, and this love is unthinkably vital.? We feel good about ourselves because we are making good choices for ourselves. The simple act of putting good food in front of your mouth literally changes the essence of who you are and how you feel about yourself.

Fourth, when we eat foods that come from the earth, we also feel that connection and gratitude for everything around us. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions that we have, an dit can only attract more good blessings into your life. Some may ask me, “How do I know if what I am eating is good for me?!” My simple answer is that you must trust that what God/mother nature provides for us will truly FEED and NOURISH our beings physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Consider it a small lesson of faith, but a truly magnanimous one at that.? When we eat foods from the earth, we are not eating “things” that are man-made. We become connection with the earth, and we find gratitude and peace more often in our daily lives for the real abundances in our lives.

So now that I have given you four awesome reasons why eating raw is like being on a happy pill, can you come up with a few more on your own!? I know that you can because the list is literally NEVER-ENDING! FEEDING people has much more than to do with food–it’s about living as an example so that we can all live in a happier and more abundant world. The earth and our lives in it are a gift. We must not take it for granted. Hopefully, this newsletter encourages you to take one small step in your regular week to make great strides in feeling good about yourself. Even the smallest changes in our daily lifestyle have the capability to shake our worlds. Start your day with eating fruit and smile knowing that you have loved yourself a little bit more just by eating that fruit! IT LOVES YOU BACK!

I hope to see ALL of your faces and smiles this week. I have missed many of you who have been away from Easter vacation! You all know how much I love my hugs!!! :)