EAT IT RAW: Week 3 for the ROC Facebook Challenge! | Rawfully Organic

EAT IT RAW: Week 3 for the ROC Facebook Challenge!

October 19, 2011 6:49 pm

Can you say “Heck YES!” for local watermelons?! This past week, everyone got a HUGE watermelon, and we are going to have more this week along with our other AMAZING goodies in the boxes! Speaking of goodies, I have just uploaded a brand new photo album to our facebook page of exciting events, kids, foods, and more! You will LOVE these colorful pics! Please feel free to “like” our facebook page and tag yourself in these photos if you are in them to share with family and friends! More goodies “in the box” include our ROC’N?you tube videos and our EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE! The challenge is a 4-week competition that gives out over $500 each week of specially donated gifts to those who participate in posting their weekly recipes from their boxes on our ROC facebook page! Our second week’s winner is the gorgeous Shannon Roman, who made an awesome ‘Cancer Kicker’ juice with over 60 “likes” and the chance to win a vitamix along with other prizes in our final EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE on October 25th at the Houston Arboretum!!!

There are TWO MORE WEEKS left to the EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE, and this week’s theme is raw soups! Many have asked about posting salads this week, and I say, go for it! Our goal is not to limit people, but simply to share recipes and have the community enjoy the raw beauty of all our box creations!

The purpose of the EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE is simply to connect our co-op (and everyone who loves to EAT IT RAW!) on our facebook page. We have over 4500 Rawfully Organic co-operators in the Houston area; yet, many are not involved in our community as they can be! For those who are not able to make it to co-op to volunteer and interact with others sharing recipes, ideas, and hugs, online interaction can be a super-fantastic way to easily share recipes, pictures of dishes, and ideas for items in our boxes! It is even an awesome way to meet others in the co-op who you may have not gotten the chance to know! We are all in this co-op because we appreciate? organic, loving, and raw produce! Life may be crazy and busy for all of us, but what is life without sharing fun food ideas?!

Anyone can compete in the EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE…it’s TOO EASY! The competition spans over 4 weeks, and each week has a different theme. Week 3 challenges you to make creative soups and salads, and week 4 for calls for…yummy desserts! The only requirement: it MUST be RAW! Each week has a different winner (the same person cannot win twice), and those 4 winners compete on week 5 in our Final Eat It Raw IRON CHEF Challenge at the Houston Arboretum on October 25th for many grand prizes!

There are 2 weeks left to the competition, and this week calls for you to make a yummy soup (or salad)! MANY have already posted recipes on the page, so hurry up and get posting so that you can build up your “likes” and win! Here’s how:

  1. Go to and “Like” the page!
  2. Make your recipe (please keep in mind the theme of the week!)
  3. Take a picture of your recipe!
  4. Post or Share it to the Rawfully Organic Facebook Page!
  5. Get your friends to “like” the photo! Most likes wins!
  6. WIN!

I am SO excited about everything that is happening at the co-op! We are all truly becoming a community, and I LOVE it! As I was telling my AMAZING volunteers this week, I am SO grateful to have each and every one of them there by my side helping to participate in the labor of love of spreading the message of raw, organic, and local. No matter what is going on in my day, I can show up to co-op and know that LIFE IS GOOD! We are ALL so blessed to have such an abundance at our bellies! Thank you ALL for sharing in this amazingness!

I can’t wait to see you all this week, and I send many hugs! :)