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Easy Raw Food Storage Tips

March 14, 2012 6:55 am

Strawberry Spinach Salad Easy Raw Food Storage Tips Spring break calls for fresh, new seasonal delights! This week’s Strawberry Spinach Pecan Salad combines all the simply sweet sugars of fruit, essential minerals in greens, and healthy fats of nuts to help you feel light and satisfied! Enjoy this in our new daylight savings sunset and share with loved ones. See the recipe here! For more raw recipes, please see our Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive!??See what is potentially in the box this week!


What do you do with your produce after you get home with it?! Do you ever get confused on how to store it, how to ripen it, or how to organize your kitchen to be raw-savvy? I have just uploaded my new YouTube that shares Easy Raw Food Storage Tips!


There are 3 spaces left for my next class for EAT IT RAW Salads & Gazpachos on Wednesday the 21st at 11:30 AM at Sur la Table. To sign up for this class, click here!

This week’s TOP SECRET: Friday, I will be recording with a local TV station, demonstrating how to make green smoothies and juices! I will also be sharing simple tips on how to go raw and commenting on what it is like to be leading the green “rawvolution” here in our home city! Please stay tuned for the showing!

Many of you watch my videos via the Rawfully Organic YouTube Channel. I will soon be posting all of my recipe/raw videos to a new channel FullyRawKristina. Please begin to subscribe to this channel as I will be announcing the launch very soon! Watch my latest Deep Dish Low Fat Lasagna Recipe!

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