Don’t Forget: Life is Precious! | Rawfully Organic

Don’t Forget: Life is Precious!

March 28, 2011 6:12 am

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have had an incredible weekend, and I hope that you are savoring your colorful bounty! Rawfully Organic has had a record-breaking weekend, and I am SO excited to share that for the first time ever we had over 300 boxes this past week! WOO HOOO!! That is huge! To be exact, we had 311 boxes! So, not only did we hit our goal of the 300 mark, but we went above and beyond! Do you want to hear something else truly special that was not planned? We had 311 boxes, and the number 3/11 is my birthday, which was just two weeks ago! Trust me folks, that one was NOT planned, and I didn’t realize it until after Saturday co-op! This month of March has been truly a celebration of life, love, family, and fabulous food! Thank you for sharing in this with us and for making our community TRULY special! My heart is gleaming with joy!

Everyone is back from Spring Break now, and we are all refreshed and getting prepared for summer! I know we all feel that sun-filled energy in the air, and it feels GOOD! Spring is a time when people are cleansing their minds, bodies, and more; the positive energy flows from one set of hands to the other. It is during these moments in life that I truly like to take a step outside of the box to thank God for all of the blessings in life and reflect on how PRECIOUS life is. It just is! Each moment that passes will never come back. If we aren’t enjoying EACH moment, then SO many of those moments in life that were GIVEN to US are wasted…not composted…wasted forever!!! If you are not enjoying each moment in your life, then it is by your choice that you are not making the most out of your time. We have the freedom to change our perceptions about any given situation. How do you see life? How do you see yourself? What is it that you love and desire? What is it that you enjoy, and can you live in that moment forever? We can never enjoy any moment unless we appreciate where we are.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE each moment in my life. From the moment that I wake up, to my daily run, to tutoring my students, to raw coaching, to co-oping, to eating, to creating art, to talking, etc. Sometimes, I can’t get enough! At any moment, things can change, but our ability to flow with given circumstances affects our strength, outlook, and overall zest.? Everything is ALWAYS ok.? If you are having good moments, soak them up as if the sun was kissing you all over your body. Sometimes I get scared that things will never be as good as they were before or that I will miss out on a moment of pure joy, but then I remind myself that I can create those moments ANYTIME that I WANT!? You can only make each moment after that a sweet memory–or even better–you can try to make each livable experience after that better than the one from before! For every moment that doesn’t seem as great, take that moment, and envision what you would like to see happen. Then, do your best to make it happen. When we envision, plan, and execute, our chances of carrying out a endeavor and succeeding with it are three times as great!

This has been a great month for Rawfully Organic. I have no idea how things will be in a few weeks, months, or years, but I know that they will be incredible and abundant. I pray in my heart that each one of you is here to share in it with me. I can only wish to enhance the relationships with those who are in the co-op and to establish new ones as well. I aim to REACH as many PEOPLE as possible to spread the message about raw, organic, and local foods, and I plan to enjoy each moment along the way as if I will never see that moment again. We never know what the future holds, and when SO much goodness surrounds us, we can only feel the preciousness of each opportunity.

I remember when the co-op had 12 people in it. We sorted the shares in my living room and in the garage! Now, we have 3 locations, 2600 families, and over 300 boxes a week that are all still non-profit!!! I am humbled to the FLOOR, and I am overcome with so much gratitude for our community. What we have is no doubt special. What we have is something that the world needs to see. We have created a hope for which so many are looking and of which we all want to see spread like berries growing on a vine.

Each moment is as precious as the food that you put in your mouth.

Each piece of fruit is as precious as the body in which you place it.

Each body is as precious as the mind that it feeds.

Each mind is as precious as the individual who gives it positive thoughts.

Each thought is as precious as the moments of greatness with which we surround ourselves.

Life is precious. Preciousness surrounds us everywhere. Live it!

I hope to see 312 of you this week! Thank you for being a family and for being totally ROC’N co-operators!

Hugs and love,