Do You Know Your Highest Potential? | Rawfully Organic

Do You Know Your Highest Potential?

June 13, 2011 6:12 am

Are you HOTT yet?! It is sizzling outside, and I absolutely LOVE it! Summer is the absolutely BEST time of year! We get more sunshine, more fun family time, and more juicy fruits! ROC was overflowing with not only people this past week, but also with watermelons, cantaloupes, nectarines, peaches, plums, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and more! You either have melon belly or bluebelly, but hey…if the belly is happy, then you must be happy! When we are filled with colorful and vibrant foods, we can literally do anything to which we put our minds because we emanate that life! The more RAW that you become, the more you WILL discover your highest potential!

The theme of this week definitely calls for some inner reflecting. Are you ready??? In the summertime, it is only natural that more people try to get in shape, and many become very focused on their outer physical appearance. When we work on our outer physique, it is only natural that the inner-self cleanses as well. The mind and the body are connected. As we being to see all of which our bodies are capable, we also begin to see how our mind plays into that mix as well. What new positive heights can you reach? Do you feel mentally better when you eat more raw foods or more colorful and vibrant fruits and veggies? The answer is most likely YES! Do you know your highest potential?!

As we feel better physically, we begin to see all of the amazing things that we can achieve in every area of our lives! The world simply feels happier! Do many of us know the capabilities of our highest potential? The answer is NO! Very few people in the world think about ALL of the possibilities that lay before them. Many people walk through life “settling” to walk the path that has already been walked before them. Many people move forward through life with blinds over their eyes because it is easiest to avoid certain truths and avoid change. Let’s face it, change can be a scary thing, and it is hard to look in the mirror and identify with the areas in our life that need improvement. Few step outside of the box of their comfort zones to explore the options of their heart. What is it that you truly love and want to achieve in your life?

Imagine this world if EVERYONE saw and reached their highest potential. Can you even think about the amazing world in which we would live? The thought is merely astronomical! I see it as a world filled with inspiration and pure joy. It is a world where everyone has not only the clarity to see their dreams and inner desires, but also the courage to take the necessary steps in faith to achieve their goals. While this may appear to be a crazy and unrealistic place, this world is much easier to reach than we imagine. It starts with our food.

It’s simple. We are what we eat. If you want to feel alive, why would you eat something that is dead? If you eat living foods, you will be fed life–body, mind, and soul. Eating these life-force filled foods awaken us, and they cleanse out all of the unnecessary “evils” so to speak. How can we see our greater good and want the best for ourselves if we are vibrating at a low frequency? Higher frequency foods lift us up and motivate us, giving us hope and pizzazz! Food is our source! It FEEDS us on all imaginable levels. Take a moment and use your imagination to envision how eating these beautiful foods flow through your body, enlightening your entire being. Pretty cool, huh??

EveryONE is capable of living to their highest potential!

We may not reach or ever see our wild and wacky dreams come true, but we can definitely enjoy our lives to the fullest! We are capable of experiencing euphoria in each moment of our lives. Work on yourself physically, and the emotional will soon follow. It may appear to be challenging at first, but it is a mere growth opportunity that pays off! Life is an uphill climb! If you don’t know where to start, find a guide like me or listen to the inner voice within. First cleanse, then grow, then achieve. Reach your highest potential! :)

This is going to be an amazing summer week! With so much goodness and excitement around, I am simply on a different planet! I cannot wait to spend the week with you all!