Do You Hear Your Inner Voice? | Rawfully Organic

Do You Hear Your Inner Voice?

June 27, 2011 5:16 am

Hope that you have had a wonderful and fun summer weekend! Perhaps you got to spend some time in the sun, by the pool, or even in the park. Not only did I get to spend time with many of you on Saturday co-op, but I got to run 8 miles with some friends in the park. I even ate my watermelon in the morning sun, and it was utter bliss! This was a perfect weekend to soak up goodness! It’s in these moments of enjoying life that we are able to truly hear our inner voices.

So what does it mean to have an inner voice?

Many of us are guided by our inner conscience, but do we listen to it often? Do we even acknowledge that it is there? What does it say to us? How do we know if we are making the right decisions? Even if you hear this voice, do you listen to it or do you ignore it?

Everyone has an inner voice that speaks to him/her. It is the voice within that helps us make decisions; it is the voice within that brings us confidence.? When we hear this voice and ignore it, we sometimes make choices that bring us resentment or frustration, but it is not there to make us feel badly of ourselves. That voice is there to guide us so that we can feel GOOD about everything that we do! Just like a musical instrument, it brings us “back in tune” so that we can dance through life!

There are plenty of times in life where we do not know what we want. Do we want to be healthy, or do we want to fit in with the rest of society? We can potentially see ourselves going both ways, but perhaps we are too rushed, too stressed, or too scared to dig deep and find 100% clarity in what we want. I know that many struggle to be raw, vegan, vegetarians, or plain healthy, but this can be like playing dodgeball in a society where being organically resourceful is not the norm. How can we find peace and confidence in our life choices so that we can shine as a light to others? The answer is merely to find your inner voice and listen to its message to you.

Steak or smoothie? Salad or burger? Fruit or fat? When we are presented with different choices, no matter if they are food choices or life’s choices, we have a feeling about each of those choices. We may be overcome with lust, or we may say to ourselves, “well, I know I will feel a million times more pleased with myself if I eat that.” In a moment of a decision, can I ask you to close your eyes, put your hand on your stomach, and visualize yourself making each of those choices? While envisioning this, figure out which choice brings you more comfort. That is step one to learning to listen to your inner voice. After awhile, you will not need to close your eyes or ground yourself in such a way because you will be naturally in sync with your wants and needs. This is seriously cool, and it brings us SO much courage and hope!

Life is filled with millions of choices. All that matters is that we are sound and happy with our decisions. Eating healthy goes hand in hand with making good choices and in feeling confidence. The better that we eat, the more clean our body becomes, and the easier it is to make GOOD choices for ourselves! The healthier that our physical bodies become, the more sound that our minds become! The body and mind are intertwined! We begin to hear our inner voice gain strength, and it will speak to us often. When we are truly healthy, we want what is BEST FOR US, and making good choices becomes a matter of habit. We can more easily make choices for not only ourselves, but also the greater good for the planet. Eating raw, organic, and pure fuels us to feel good and to make excellent choices! Now THAT is ROC’N AWESOME!

Your first step in allowing your inner voice to guide you is to take better care of yourself physically. Eat well, exercise, soak up sun, dance, and laugh! Surround yourself with like-minded people so that you feel supported. You will be amazed at how “in tune” you feel and how free from burden you have become! Yes, life can ALWAYS be better, and here is your chance! It all starts with a box of fruit and veggie love. :)

I hope that you get to know your inner voice this week, and I hope even more that I get to see you at co-op for a squeeze!

If you can come help and volunteer, we can sure use the extra hands! It helps us to finish on time and to keep the lines short and moving quickly. Please bring kids, friends, and family! The more the merrier!

Love and HUGS!