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Creating Beautiful Communities

June 7, 2013 6:04 pm

This has been an amazing week for Rawfully Organic!

We celebrated an awesome first day at CITY CENTRE HOUSTON! Almost 300 families came to support us yesterday, and this week alone we have fed almost 700 families! Each co-op day has had an overwhelming sense of support and positivity lately, and all I can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for not only bringing your smiles and hugs to share, but also your passion for health, food, and community! Without each of us, this community would not exist. We are creating that which we seek: HEALTH and HAPPINESS! I know that we have a long ways to go, and I appreciate your patience in supporting us and helping us improve with each co-op day.

The volunteers this week have been simply AMAZING. Everyone has worked SO hard to help our community come together and to be ONE. We have been working SO hard to make check-outs faster, to make lines shorter, to make sure all newbies know how to pick out their shares, and to simply give hugs! We will continue to make more improvements each co-op day, so please look forward to those.

To all who have come to volunteer: THANK YOU. Our co-op would not be possible without you! All of us contribute in some way to changing the typical status quo. We are not a service or a sale, we are a community. Thank you for sharing your time and efforts for something in which we ALL believe!

Rawfully Organic has had so many amazing growth opportunities lately. We have had a new location and several new drop-offs. We have also had several newbies join as well. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding when things don’t go as perfectly as possible. The good news: we are all here to make it work. If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to ask me. Please suggest improvements. I am here to help us grow with abundance and excitement. My goal is to have things flow smoothly and to create an atmosphere where everyone has fun and feels like family! I want Rawfully Organic to feel like HOME to all of us! We are a family!

The Summer season is here, and we have seen a shift in the crops these past few weeks! Peaches, nectarines, melons, berries, and more have arrived! There are less greens in the boxes and more fruits! The shares may look smaller, but that is only because fruits take up less “space” in the boxes. All of your value is still there and absolutely delicious! I will be posting TONS of new Summer box recipes, so please get ready to share and eat some very yummy treats!

We are CREATING BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY. Together, we are creating something GREAT. We are seeing the beginning of a movement that is changing Houston and beyond! Thank YOU for sharing your heart with me and for being a part of this co-op. I am so deeply touched, and I cannot wait to see more exciting things happen! Sending my warmest hugs, fruity fruits, and blessings!

More Hugs!