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Create Fruity Goodness

September 5, 2011 4:52 am

Hope that you have enjoyed the shift of weather this weekend! Although it was still HOTT, we enjoyed some winds of change! School has started, everyone has come back in town, and everyone is getting back into their yearly routine! At co-op, we have had the most enormous local watermelons, cantaloupes, squashes, and more! People have LITERALLY been posting pictures of their “rainbow” boxes on our facebook page, and we have been adding more pictures from co-op weekly! Check them out and be sure to tag yourself in them! I know with everything that is going on during this time of year, it is a growth opportunity to manage eating fruits and vegetables; however, this is the BEST time to get into a routine of eating as much raw as possible to pave the way for your year! Don’t just make GOOD choices; make GOOD choices FRUITY choices!

Sometimes, individuals find it hard to make fruity choices because they have a challenging time placing their needs first. So many of us are givers. We tend to try to give to others more than we give to ourselves. It’s the beginning of the school year, and people are setting their mid-year goals before December. This is the perfect time to make a new goal to achieve a greater level of health by first satisfying your physical needs before you satisfy those needs for others. When we care for ourselves, we are better apt to assist others. When we have enough gumption to help others, we gain the ability to create more GOODNESS in our world. Is this not our ultimate goal?!

We create our own goodness. Therefore, the more goodness that we create, the more GOOD our world is able to offer. We are the ones responsible for circulating goodness everywhere! Where does this goodness come from you may ask? When we eat foods that are GOOD for us and that are filled with color and life, we are also filled with that color and life to emanate. If I am what I eat, then I am a shining gold nectarine, spreading fruity-tootie goodness for all to see! Imagine what you would see yourself as if you ate exactly as you wanted to eat. Imagine how happy you would feel if you were able to not just “eat it,” but live it. Imagine the people who you would affect and who you would influence. Envision your heart opening up and releasing all of the fears that you have pent up within the walls of your skin. Imagine how GOOD that feels! Are you smiling yet? Heck yes you are!

At this point in time, you are probably feeling a bit of fear. Fear arises when we realize that change is upon us. We are all scared of change to some degree–some more than others. Humans are habitual beings, and bad habits can become like a safety blanket, so stepping outside of our comfort zones can be mighty frightening! However, when we break free from self-destructive habits, we create emotional and physical freedom! This liberation glows through us and shines as a light for others to see. Sometimes individuals may feel as if they do not deserve such GOODNESS in their lives; yet, this is in NO way true. You must create your own GOODNESS. If you have ever wanted to feel truly comfortable in your skin, being RAW is the way to go. It starts with what you intake–whether that be food, support, positive affirmation, prayer, good company, or even nature. Surround yourself with the life that FEEDS your soul. That is the only way to create change in your life.

If we all have one common goal to work towards, it is ultimate GOODNESS on this planet. The change starts from within, and it then radiates to the rest of the world. If light travels at 299,792,458 meters per second, imagine how fast that we can turn our world around into a haven of life! When we change ourselves, the possibilities to create GOODNESS are endless! I hope that you fill your soul with the things that bring goodness into your heart this week…then I hope that you bring it to co-op to share with others! :)

Looking forward to seeing some extreme goodness this week! Hug me!