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Changing Our Seasons of Self-Love

September 26, 2011 6:07 am

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Rawfully Organic, ABC Channel 13,, Organic fruits and vegetables Houston TX Co-op

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are enjoying this unbelievably GORGEOUS week and the sunny, warm weather! I know that it feels as if we have just had a SUPER exciting week with Channel 13 coming to co-op and with my appearance at Lululemon in the Houston Galleria making green smoothies for over 200+ families, BUT we actually have another super exciting week ahead of us! I have just posted a new photo album from last week?s co-op, and tomorrow I will be releasing photos and ROC?N video footage from our smoothie party at Lululemon! A special thanks to them for inviting me to be there! To top it off on Wednesday, we will FINALLY be announcing the EAT IT RAW Challenge, which I am sure many of you have heard whispering and excitement about lately! It will be starting on the October 1st, the official World Vegetarian Day! Get excited! :)

Fall is officially here, and with it comes a change of pace and a change of mentality with the seasons. I want to take a minute to talk about self-love, confidence, and healthy choices. Already, I have had many individuals approach me and express their concerns about not only going raw during the holidays, but also simply being healthy during the coming season. Although the holidays seem far away, they are closer than we realize. There are great lessons to learn from these projected fears that may arise. ?Lettuce? be brave enough to chop them head-on!

Life is about flow. When we get into a good routine, we know how to maneuver that routine?until it changes! Life changes daily, and it is how we handle that change that makes us savvy and successful. Summer has been wonderful with an abundance of juicy fruits like nectarines, melons, peaches, berries, and more! Fall will bring a new crop for us! Persimmons, dates, pomegranates, pears, fresh greens, and more await us in the near future! Take the time to sit down, write down your fears, and address them. What is it that you fear most? Being healthy is about showing love to one?s body. Eating raw foods is an act of self-love; the foods literally LOVE us back. Colorful foods have LIFE, and we emanate that life when we eat them. The foods vibrate at higher frequencies, so even if we may not be feeling our tiptop best, we can increase our frequency, energy, and even enthusiasm by simply making ?raw? choices.

Eating raw is one fear that you may withhold…being confident in your food choices is another. If you are afraid to share with any of your family or friends that you are attempting to eat raw or simply be healthier, you are NOT alone. Every week, dozens ask me how to eat raw in social situations or how to handle family/friends who do not believe in similar food choices. The truth is that we must follow our hearts in what makes us happy and content. Otherwise, we will feel resentment within ourselves, and that will only eat us alive from the inside-out. Our bodies are OUR temples, and we are the only ones who are responsible good choices for them. If you become insecure about your food choices and dodge addressing it with family or friends, they may become skeptical. However, I have learned that if one becomes excited, open, and sharing about being healthy, others around you also will become ecstatic and want to try it themselves! Enthusiasm, smiles, and motivation are contagious!

Be gentle and loving with yourself this season. Don’t be afraid to “Fall.” Rather, be excited, willing, and ready to learn from your perceived “failures.” We gain momentum through learning, praying, thinking, challenging, living, sharing, communicating, and loving. This may be a new season, but it’s only a fresh opportunity to show yourself LOVE and how much your truly mean…to yourself! We are the only ones who can show ourselves self-love. Mentally prepare yourself to achieve your goals and health desires for the next few months. Planning breaches success! If you need more support, simply show up to co-op or reach our to our amazing community filled with THOUSANDS of families who are feeling just as you feel. Grow deep!!!

This week is a special week I will be announcing the EAT IT RAW Challenge to not only our Rawfully Organic Co-operators, but to everyone who wants to participate! For those who want to challenge themselves to EAT IT RAW straight from their boxes, for those who want to build our raw community here in Houston, and for those who want to simply win TONS of very expensive prizes, this challenge will be LOADS of fun for our co-operation! We are changing our city one box at a time, and we all benefit by simply ?consuming? so much self-love from these vibrant fruits and veggies! Thank you all for loving this co-op as much as I do, and I can?t wait to announce this exciting news to you all!

Hope to see you at co-op this week for some crazy warm hugs! :)