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Change the World in 2012

January 2, 2012 8:39 am

We all have ONE thing in common this New Year, and I see that EVERYONE wants positive change not only in their lives, but also in the world. More than before, I have seen individuals put forth an effort to do GOOD for others and spread positive thoughts, emails, recommendations, businesses, support, and hugs. In particular, more have made the connection between happiness, eating well, and better health, and we are ALL wishing to share this gift with others! We FEEL the difference in how being healthier makes us feel, and we WANT this joy for everyone who we love. When one has better nutrition and self-confidence, his or her life is more satisfied.

The beginning of the New Year is ALWAYS a great start to begin fresh and create new positive affirmations and habits. Why not? This is the time to envision ALL that you want this year to become and to make it happen. It has been proven that when one actually sets a goal and makes notes of its execution, it is 75% more likely to happen! Last year, I wrote that I wanted to inspire more people to go Raw and to spread this message. I also wrote that I wanted to see more than 300 families coming to co-op each week. Goal GRANTED!

New Year’s goals are overrated because no one ever wants to follow through with them after January. I disagree. I love execution! Discipline is a matter of envisioning proper planning and taking steps. I believe that some goals never happen because people make goals that are too “self-oriented” or not realistic. Ironically, we tend to follow through with goals that are directed towards helping others more than ourselves. So why not HELP OTHERS and in return, help ourselves?

Everyone has heard that in order to change the world, one must first start with himself. “Lettuce” put a spin on this. I have a proposition for ALL of you. This year, make goals to HELP OTHERS. You will find that you reap more from this endeavor than making a million far-fetched goals for yourself. Ironically, helping others to create change motivates us to do even more for ourselves! This is where inspiration begins, and this is where heart happens. In turn, we develop ourselves and we change the world!

People have always said that I inspire. What people do not know about me is that I aim to give. In this, I find inspiration, and this soul purpose touches others. This ripple effect cannot be stopped, and I only wish to spread our message of eating raw fruits and vegetables with the world! One box at a time we can touch not only our physical beings, our mentalities, and our spirits, but also we influence those who surround us and who are enlightened by merely our presence.

If you have no other goals for yourself this year, then make one: to help others find better health. This can be as easy as handing a co-op flyer to a friend or even planting a tree. Find significance in making change for our world. This year, I pledge to help inspire raw health. Who is with me?!

I hope to see you ALL at co-op this week, changing lives. It’s been over a week since I have been able to dish out hugs! I hope this newsletter sends sunshine to your week and that it brings you light and love. Please remember that you can keep up daily on our facebook page, you tube videos, and recipes! You can order your box by seeing the link below or by clicking here!