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Catch and Release

May 10, 2010 6:16 pm

I hope that you all are having a great start to the week, and I hope that it is productive and relaxing for you! This past week has been a week absolutely filled to the brim with learning life?s most valuable lessons. This past week was filled with lots high energy: the new website was released, the trailer was stolen/found, and peaches are here! No matter how busy I find myself, I rejuvenate when I am at co-op. ?I know so many others feel that the co-op is their safe haven where they can come to let loose and to play with food. This is a great release, and as I like to call it?a healing power.

I?m not sure whether it is the food, our community, or the energy that we have created around the co-op, but the energy is very special. I say this in a sense that no matter what happens, we all remained SO blessed. I want to share with you all an incredible story that happened this past week.

Many of you know that our black trailer was stolen (if you don?t that is ok?I had not announced it publicly). In the trailer, we kept our boxes, our tents, our lights, our cones, our bags, etc., and it was a great little portable storage unit. Since I bought the trailer with my own money, many may say that it was my trailer; however, I bought it for the co-op. In my eyes, it had Rawfully Organic written ALL over it lol! The heist began at 7:30 PM Wednesday evening when two very brilliant Hispanic contractors from the neighborhood decided they wanted to hitch it up to the back of their contractor?s vehicle in front of a parking lot video camera. Call me nuts, but I thought that this was hilarious!!! They apparently had no idea that there were video cameras in place, but we have video footage of the entire show. We even have footage of the two men entering and exiting the neighborhood that day in their cars! Without a doubt a this point, I knew that something good was going to happen out of this situation (which is why I didn?t want to spread it to the world and have everyone worry). We had the bandits, we knew their cars, we found their names, we knew for whom they worked, and we had full-on face frontals of them. I filed a police report, and I turned in the information to the HPD.

In the meantime that the HPD was investigating the report, I thanked myself for having filed insurance on the trailer! Whew! We also went over the to contractor?s office for whom they worked, and of course, the contractor denied knowing the two men. We already knew that these men were lying up to their ears.

After a few days, I released it. I knew the trailer was no longer of the co-op, and even if it did come back, I contemplated whether or not I would keep it. When one released attachment to any certain item, anything can happen.

Story continued, we cleared out of the parking lot after another FABULOUS Thursday co-op without the trailer (before 10 woo hoo!). I was cleaning up when I get a call around 1 AM from the Houston Police Department. The officer said, ?Miss Bucaram, we found your trailer. It is sitting in the middle of the Katy freeway. Looks like it has a flat tire with another tire removed, and the license plate is sitting right next to the vehicle. They either abandoned it, or they got a flat and could not go any further with it.? My mouth dropped. In the middle of the freeway? No way! ?Was this meant to be? Absolutely!

I went the next day to see the trailer in the tow yard, and I determined that it is better to let insurance claim this one. It was too vandalized, and there were too many essential parts missing. When I saw it, I knew that it was no longer our trailer, but this did not make me sad. All the wheels were missing now, it was de-wired, essential parts had be stripped, there were drilled holes in it from de-wiring it, and more. Ironically, although most of the inside contents were gone (yes, the tents were gone), they left some of the black crates, the tent weights, and our signs. I was so happy to see our signs that were hand-made by a special co-operator!? It occurred to me at that moment that the things that are meant to be yours will return to you.

There is a famous quote that states,

“If you love something, let it go.
When it comes back,
it’s yours,
and that’s how you know.”

The trailer was returned, and it may have been ours, but it was time to let it go. Never in my life did I think that if something was taken from me, if it was returned, that I would not want it anymore. Granted, it is unusable, there is an incredible lesson here of learning to let go.? Catch and release. More often than not we see individuals yearn for missing items or stolen items. One feels so vandalized. Ironically, it is when we have no attachment to the items that we open ourselves up for a million opportunities to present themselves! The possibilities are endless!

After all is said and done, insurance says that they will cover the trailer with no problem, and no premiums will be raised. We may even get a little more than anticipated to help cover a bit of the second set of tents. I am not sure if the HPD will go after the thieves, but I am satisfied in knowing that God really didn?t let them get away with it. There is something so special and protected about our co-op. The energy that surrounds it is unbelievable. Everything happens for a reason, and everything turns out better than it was before! We now get to get a new trailer! There has been talking of creating a banana-mobile, but we shall simply have to see about that!

I am simply glad that I get to share these incredible experiences with you all. Life is fun no matter what when you get to experience it with an amazing support team and with individuals who keep you light-hearted. Things do come back to you in one form or another, and we grow from the lessons they bring to us. The art of ?letting go? is one of the hardest to grasp, but it becomes easiest when you release. Thank you everyone for helping me to create something that is pure and that is good. I am so honored to share life with you!