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Break Bad Eating Habits (7 Easy Steps)

February 28, 2012 6:40 am

Eat It Raw Februrary 2012EAT IT RAW CLASS Sur la Table February 2012Citrus Swiss Chard Arugula Salad w Blueberry Date Drizzle

Life awaits! Not only will we be celebrating berries, dates, and citrus this week with a gorgeous new recipe, but also we are going to break those bad eating habits that have kept you in a vicious cycle your entire life. That’s right, everyone has them! This past week, I have seen too many succumb to ill-health and even death. It’s time to step up to the “plate” and make good food choices because when we do, we will reap amazing benefits. Life is too short not to live to its fullest potential! When will you start to truly thrive?! Watch the new YouTube Break Bad Eating Habits now! (Or click to your left!)

Because I want for everyone to feel the joy of perfect health, I am utterly motivated to prevent unnecessary sickness and disease through FullyRaw. The better you eat, the better you feel! When you feel amazing physically, you also feel this way emotionally. Then, you wish to share your love with all who know you! Last week, I posted a video to help you Overcome Struggles Going Raw. This week, I made a video that helps you Break Bad Eating Habits in just 7 east steps! We cannot change our health without changing our eating habits. I hope that you are inspired by this video enough to send it to someone you know who may be struggling with food. Please open your hearts to hear and process these life-changing steps.

I have recently announced my 2 new EAT IT RAW Classes in March, and they have become so popular that I have been invited to teach more EAT IT RAW Classes at the Sur la Table in River Oaks! They are rawesome and way too much fun! The Juices and Smoothies Class on the 4th is almost full, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already! Keep track of the events page here for updates and more classes! For pictures of these events, you can find them on my facebook page or on our ROC facebook page!

Spring is near, and the boxes look more colorful each week! Order your box from ROC, or see what’s in the shares! This week’s new recipe is an epic Citrus Swiss Chard Arugula Salad with Blueberry Drizzle Dressing! Your mouth will explode with the colors of the rainbow! For more ROC’N recipes, please check out our? Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive. For more inspiration and fun, please check out our Rawfully Organic videos page and events page. Please “like” our facebook page to keep up to date on co-op news! I also invite you to friend me (Kristina)!

My website FullyRaw is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to be as healthy as you can be! Please visit it, follow it on facebook for daily inspirations, check for classes, and even watch for new videos! I’m here to show you raw-self-love!

May we appreciate our lives here and all of the blessings grown for us. May we care for our bodies as they are sacred temples, and may we live as an example of love, light, and health to others. We must love each other and cherish each moment in celebration of the lives we have been given. I love you all, and I hope to see you at co-op this week!