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Birthday Boxes for Everyone!

March 11, 2010 6:40 am

This weekend has been simply gorgeous! I love Spring! Saturday was one of the most perfect days, and this week we are in for more gorgeous weather. I am blessed to say that Thursday will be in the 70?s and sunny! Another surprise for this coming week is that it will be my birthday on Thursday!

Normally, I am very quiet about my birthday; however, this year, my birthday falls on co-op! Rather than keeping this to myself, I will much rather want to share this day with all of you! Co-op days are already my favorite days of the week, so this Thursday will be extra special to me.

I?ve decided that since this week is important for me to share with others, I want to make it ?super-cool? for everyone. Just because it is my birthday, does not mean that it cannot be everyone?s birthday! Therefore, everyone gets a surprise birthday box! Ya baby!!!

What kind of a day is it if you cannot share your gifts with everyone?! The boxes are going to be filled with all of my favorite fruits and veggies that I will want to eat on my birthday. I am going to customize all of the boxes with my favorite fruits and veggies! I am trying to special order a few more items as well to have them for Thursday. You may get a few new items in your box that you haven?t seen before, but hopefully you will be excited to try new things and to share them with your families and friends. To me, this idea sounded really exciting, and I cannot think of a better gift to share with everyone than a huge birthday box filled with fruits and veggies! We must all celebrate our lives every single day of the week! Life is for celebrating, and our beautiful raw and living foods help to keep us filled with color!

To be able to share our gifts with others is a simple act of kindness. Kindness is SO important, and so many forget to be kind on a daily basis. It is so easy to be kind, and it makes you feel SO good. I have to thank my friends in the co-op for inspiring me to do simple acts of kindness from my heart throughout the week. These simple acts make the biggest difference in regards to feeling grateful about every tiny moment and gesture in life. Although my week is looking busy with work, I want to show simple acts of kindness to everyone! How difficult is it to ask someone how are they doing that day, to bring them flowers, or to offer them help? It?s not! It?s so easy to simply lend someone an ear or to offer them assistance. Even complete strangers appreciate such a gesture, and these acts of kindness can change anyone?s perspective on life in an instance.

When I was growing up, I never looked forward to my birthday week, but now I see this week as a celebration that I simply want to be able to share with others. What means the most to me is being able to share presence with the ones that I love. Gifts are not material, but they are intangible. The relationships that we create and the exchanges that we have with individuals make life worthwhile. No one wants to live in a bubble, but we often find ourselves getting so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget that the act of giving invigorates us with freedom! Being selfish brings us no gratification?there is no bond! Celebrate each day as if it were your own birthday, and share the gift of life with everyone and everything that surrounds you. Your heart will be deeply touched, and you will deeply touch others.

Thank you everyone for sharing the gift of life with me. I am truly blessed to know you, and I am truly blessed to be able to share my birthday with you!