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Benefits of Eating Plant-Based Foods

April 22, 2013 5:04 pm

BREATHE GREEN. LIVE GREEN. EAT GREEN! Today is Earth Day, one of the most important days of the year to celebrate all that is good and green! This includes nature, our bodies, food, and community! “Lettuce” celebrate all the endless benefits of eating plant-based foods! Greens are the most nutritious foods on the planet, bringing oxygen and LIFE to our cells! So how do we get the most out of these foods? What is the best way to eat them? What is the best way to enjoy them? What are the benefits of eating plant-based foods?!

Plant-based foods include fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Anything that grows in the ground or that comes from the earth is plant-based. The difference between eating plant-based foods is that they will keep us thriving with energy, love, and life! They are fresh, colorful, and pure, and they contain all of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to properly function. The benefits are truly unlimited, and they become even more helpful to us the more consistently and abundantly that we eat them!

I recommend eating/blending/juicing at least 2 FullyRaw heads a day for maximum benefits.? ? If you are looking for fun daily recipes, you can find all plant-based recipes on my FullyRawKristina YouTube Channel, FullyRaw and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram Facebook pages, and in the Rawfully Organic recipe archive! Stay dedicated to picking up a share each week at Rawfully Organic. Eat as many fruits and veggies as your heart desires!

Dark green leafy vegetables are, calorie for calorie, probably the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food. They are a rich source of minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins. They also provide a variety of phytonutrients including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which protect our cells from damage and our eyes from age-related problems, among many other effects. Dark green leaves even contain small amounts of Omega-3 fats.

Eating plant-based foods is essential for proper digestion and elimination. They are known to ease constipation as well as other digestive issues such as Crohn’s disease, heartburn, and diarrhea.

Perhaps the star of these nutrients is Vitamin K. A cup of most greens provides at least nine times the minimum recommended intake of Vitamin K, and even a couple of cups of dark salad greens usually provide the minimum all on their own. Recent research has provided evidence that this vitamin may be even more important than we once thought (the current minimum may not be optimal), and many people do not get enough of it.

More benefits of eating GREENS rich in Vitamin K:

Regulates blood clotting
Helps protect bones from osteoporosis
May help prevent and possibly even reduce atherosclerosis by reducing calcium in arterial plaques
May be a key regulator of inflammation, and may help protect us from inflammatory diseases including arthitis
May help prevent diabetes

These foods help us feel more energy, have fun, and enjoy life! Everyone knows that eating more fruits and veggies are better for you, so why not fill up your plate and enjoy all of the flavors that nature has to offer? Everyone can benefit from increasing the plant-based foods in his/her diet. Challenge yourself and try eating one FullyRaw meal a day. Try a juice, smoothie, fruit bowl, or even a rainbow salad! Give your body the opportunity to feel life. Feed it right! Share the FullyRaw love! Hugs!