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Are You Fat Yet?!

November 29, 2010 6:35 am

I hope that you had one of the most enjoyable Thanksgiving holidays yet! I know that the three days that I had off were so enjoyable that I did not even know what to do with myself! I enjoyed time with my family, and….dare I say it…EATING!

I must admit that it felt so good to be eating the most colorful food at our Thanksgiving table. I showed up with an enormous platter of perfectly ripe persimmons! After the meal, I noticed that everyone except me said, “I feel fat already!”? I definitely did not feel that way, and I felt like I wanted to go for another 8 mile run for the day!

If you are feeling like you haven’t taken good care of yourself this weekend, then this is the time for you to challenge yourself to get healthy and eat well before the rest of the holidays come around. Most people are so good about setting New Year’s resolutions to eat better, but how cool will it be if you make an early resolution to eat pristinely before you have a chance to gain weight!? Then, you won’t even have to add “dieting” to your New Year’s goals! Voila!

I know that many of you think that it is too difficult to eat healthy during the holidays, but I can attest for many that it is as simple as incorporating it into your lifestyle. You have infinite options. Even replacing certain ingredients with healthier ones makes an enormous difference. In all truth, the holidays are not about food. The holidays are about spending precious time with families and friends and celebrating the essence of the season. Now is the time to prepare yourself, and if you have any goals, grow them now!

We are back on track with co-op, and we will have our usual Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday families back to pick-up some well needed deliciousness! If you’re thinking that you already have too many left-overs in the house but that you really want a box, I will speak on behalf of your conscience that says, “Get the fat out!” If you’re afraid of wasting food, donate it or give it away. Trust me when I say that you will feel worse for making yourself eat something that you truly do not want to eat. Eat foods that will bring you life and vibrance! Start fresh! You will feel a world of difference!

I hope to see you all this week! I have missed you even after a week!! :)