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Are You Beautiful?

June 6, 2011 6:06 am

I hope that you have had a restful and sunny weekend! It is HOTTTT outside! I have been keeping well-hydrated by eating tons of juicy fruits like our heavenly watermelons, creamy white peaches, and sweet nectarines! Summer is literally my favorite time of the year, and it is during this time where life seems to calm down just a tad. I love to use these extra breathers to appreciate nature, enjoy succulent food, hug wonderful people, and spend some “me” time practicing the art of self-love.

Interestingly, I had someone ask me this week, “Are you beautiful?”?? I tilted my head in confusion for a second, but then I knowingly replied with a smile, “Yes, i am.” When asked this, I knew that the person was really asking me, “Do you love yourself? Are you surrounded with beauty?”

Feeling beauty has everything to do with perception. As the clich? goes: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.? How do you look at yourself right now? Do you see yourself as beautiful? Do you feel worthy of goodness? Beautiful can mean MANY things, and it applies to everyone–both men and women, all ages, all races, all occupations, etc. What is beautiful anyways? Feeling beautiful simply means that you have enough confidence in yourself to share peace, joy, and happiness to with others. It also means that you have an inner love for yourself that keeps you making good choices on behalf of yourself. Loving yourself and feeling beautiful keep you from practicing negative self-destructive habits that make you feel regretful, resentful, anxious, self-pity, sad, or even worthless.

Many individuals do not know what it is like to feel beautiful. In fact, you may have never even experienced it for a smidgen of a second. This is a SADNESS! How does one feel beautiful all of the time? What does it mean to FEEL beautiful?? I am going on my 6th year of being 100% 811raw, and it was not until two years into being raw that I got to know my body and mind 100%. It can be a huge growth opportunity to look yourself in the eye and say, “Change starts here.” It takes time to clear away not only physical lingering issues, but also emotional ones. Ironically, the emotional issues that we carry around on our backs are much more intense to fix than physical ones. These emotional issues can also affect our physical beings.

Beauty engulfs you, and you may not even realize it! During this time of the year, we are living in an abundance of beautiful, colorful produce. We see corn, peaches, nectarines, cantaloupes, grapes, watermelons, oranges, carrots, squashes, tomatoes, blueberries, and every other color from the rainbow! We are surrounded by beauty in our food, and we are surrounded with the beauty of nature, time, and extra summer sunshine. Happiness literally lives in the foods and in the scenery around you. It also lives WITHIN you; however, you may have not tapped into that part of you yet. “Lettuce” teach you two easy basics on how to feel beautiful!

A simple start to feeling beautiful is to EAT BEAUTIFUL FOODS. When we eat fruits and vegetables that are filled with life, we then obtain that life within our bodies to exude. Even if you don’t feel beautiful when you eat them, these foods are like eating “happy pills.” They literally shift your mindset, and eating more of these foods will help you feel happier. Your perception of yourself will naturally feel more confident as you eat them because they can change your inner-core on a cellular level. They literally provide you with vibrant health! How can one not feel beautiful when he/she is eating beautiful foods!? You are loving your body simply by enjoying them! Also, when we eat beautiful foods, we not only feel beautiful, but the foods help us to look physically beautiful. After time, you will feel physically better, and you may even lose unwanted weight! Your skin will GLOW, and your features will shine!

Another easy trick to feeling beautiful is to simply DO THE THINGS THAT BRING YOU JOY. When we do the things that we love, we feel happy! If you are ever participating in something that makes you feel miserable, this is only sucking the life out of you. Place yourself in positions and in communities that bring you peace, laughter, and excitement. This positive energy invigorates us, and it allows us to focus more on SELF-GROWTH–not self-loathe!? I LOVE to run, play at co-op, give hugs, read, spend time with family and friends, inspire good health, teach, dance, sing, practice ceramics, and spend time with the sun! Even if you are not sure what bring you joy, start off trying ONE thing and watch the list grow. The more that you LOVE yourself, the more that you will LOVE everything around you. Eventually, you will BEAM with love endlessly! Expand your horizons and find that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!

Beauty exists not solely in our food, but it exists within us and around us. Our feeling beautiful is a reflection of what we put in our bodies and how we treat ourselves on a daily basis. It is also a reflection of the environment in which we place ourselves. We are ALL beautiful on the inside and out no matter WHAT we look like or WHO we are. The key is perception. You already ARE beautiful, now you must practice seeing yourself as such. Imagine the loving world that we can have if everyone spread this kind of beauty! Imagine a world filled with everyone eating fruit and giving hugs! (Ha! Ok, maybe that is simply MY ROC’N AWESOME dream!!! LOL)

If you can change yourself, you can change this world. When you create beauty within YOU, you create BEAUTY in the world. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Now, GO SHINE.

Can’t wait to see you all this week for summer bounty! I have some more surprises up my sleeve!! :)