About | Rawfully Organic


Hi! I am Kristina, and I am the founder and chief co-operator of our beloved Rawfully Organic! The co-op began with 12 neighbors in my living room in October 2007. After having been fully raw for over two years as a college student, I had spent massive amounts of money on produce and organic produce. I spent about $200 a week feeding myself. My family slowly adopted similar eating habits, and we were going through food quickly. Because we all consume so much fresh produce, going to Whole Foods became ridiculously expensive, especially since we found ourselves buying by the case! We needed an alternative to large quantities of the best foods possible without paying our ?Whole Paycheck.? Because I was on the environmental club at Rice, I became familiar with the local farmers at the farmer?s market. I pulled together my resources at the farmer?s markets, and I came in contact with a local and organic distributor to help me start a co-op. It didn?t stop there. Once the co-op began, it was small and sufficient, but I saw a greater need to support local and organic farmers, and I saw a HUGE need for better health and nutrition for everyone. Eating better has changed my life profoundly on so many levels that I feel it my duty to share this gift with others. I have found something that can love me back?on every different level. The food nourishes my body, which nourish my spirit, my thoughts, my relationships, my appreciation for life?everything! Anyone who takes better care of themselves or who learns to do so will feel better. The co-op is dedicated to not only providing fresh fruits and vegetables to everyone, but also it aims to help bring awareness about health and environmental issues to all who are involved. The co-op now has over 51,000 members, and we help to support families, communities, and farmers everywhere within grasp of the Houston area. Rawfully Organic feeds hundreds of families each week and focuses on the benefits of eating diets high in raw fruits and vegetables while making organic affordable for all.


This co-op is for all of us to enjoy! A co-operative is about community, about sharing, about giving, and about receiving. The sole fact that you come to give brings appreciation, humility, love, spirit, and joy! Organizing this co-op brings me joy! What I receive goes beyond what I can possibly comprehend. Although I run it, it is not possible without everyone?s help in one way or another. It is more than the food, relationships, or community?it affects our world on a local level but it creates so much more.


The concept of a co-op goes beyond the local level. In our society today, we see huge debates about corn prices, gas prices, farmers losing their jobs, and harmful chemicals such as pesticides causing cancer. When we supporting organic farming, our dollar supports a cause that is sustainable, healthy, and loving. Instead of damaging the soils of our earth, we are allowing them to grow and nourish us. Instead of releasing more harmful chemicals into the air, we are reducing our carbon footprint. We are supporting those who care about living healthfully. We place our dollar back into our own economy and not into another country?s bank account. We invest in our health. Every living creature and every person will benefit.


This co-op provides only produce, which is the essence of life. The shares coincide with the raw food lifestyle to make it easier for those who are trying to achieve incredible health. You do not have to be a raw foodie to be a part of the co-op, and you do not even need to be a health enthusiast to enjoy the sprinkle-in-your-face freshness. This co-op is made for everyone, and it is run by everyone. We are Rawfully Organic and Rawfully Happy! Thank you for contributing to our story!