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A Safety Box

February 14, 2010 6:32 am

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Saturday was a day to remember since we have not had sunshine in about a week! It?s looking like we will have more rain this week, but it does not mean that our hearts cannot be happy! This is the best time to be productive and get work accomplished while getting cozy in a blanket.

This past week at co-op was a unique one for me since it was my first week of co-op that I truly needed to have been there?emotionally that is. Many of you know that my dear friend and fellow co-operator Anna Tipps passed away this past week from cancer.? Although her funeral service was in Houston on Saturday, her burial was Thursday in San Antonio.? Ironically, I felt a calling to be present at co-op on Thursday, and nothing made me happier than to be present with everyone in the cold, wet, rain. I know that Anna would have wanted me to be there, sharing the love with everyone.

Of course I am always BEYOND grateful and elated to be at the co-op with everyone, but for some reason on Thursday, I NEEDED to be there. I realized that I feel safe when I am there. Perhaps it is a sense of belonging, but I realized that what I gain out of the co-op is so much more than just the food. Yes, it?s the farmers, it?s the freshness, and it?s the smell of dew on your vegetables when you first get them. It?s the community, it?s the abundance, it?s the energy, it?s the vibrancy, and it?s the life. But there is also something so personal that you receive that I simply cannot describe it?it is a sense of belonging, and it feels safe.

I was exploring the concept of safety, and I looked up the definition: the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. It also denotes something designed to prevent injury or damage. Ironically, I saw a connection between safety and Valentine?s Day coming up. Valentine?s Day is a time when people throw out tons of unhealthy comfort foods to others, and they engorge themselves with unhealthy comfort foods to show some ?self love.? Is this truly love or are we trying to satisfy ourselves in some way that rids us of a lurking anxiety or fear? Do we truly love our bodies or are we trying to feel safe?

There are so many ways in which people show their affection for others on Valentine?s Day.? However, not many people consider their minds and bodies as temples of love during this time. It?s quite the opposite really. Everywhere you look you see chocolates, cakes, candies, and even edible cookie flowers! While some may see the act of giving someone that you love something sweet, I often wonder why many do not hand out dates, or fruit, or raw pies?anything healthier that won?t make the other person miserable at the end of the night.? Is that love? What are you really giving them? I have yet to see someone mail a bouquet of fruits or a box of veggies for Valentine?s Day. I find that it sends a completely different message. Ironically, when someone sends someone a fruit basket, the other person usually thinks, ?Oh great, they want me to lose weight! They think I am fat!? However, when someone sends chocolate, no one ever comments, ?They are trying to make me fat and poison me!?

The greatest gift that you can give someone is a gift of health and safety. You give them health by sharing things that will nurture them. Isn?t that what we are trying to do in essence is let that person know that we will always be there for them?? We want them to know that they are not alone, that they are incredibly special, and that we love them. This creates a sense of safety between two people. There are so many things that you can do for your loved one besides the typical chocolates on Valentine?s Day. This can include everything from flowers to a massage to fruit or veggies. You show them safety by letting them know how much you love them and will be there for them. Our health is our safety net! This is true love! Loving yourself enough so that you can love others and live as an example!

On Thursday, rain was spritzing, winds were about to lift up the tents, and my bones were chilled. I began to laugh when I realized that in the midst of the ?storm,? I felt safe. I felt safe with the dozen others who were dancing with me, laughing with me, and licking their lips in awe of some serious veggie beauty. I am attracted to all that the co-op offers and to all that it brings. It brings so much more than I can ever comprehend. What it does for this earth is creates goodness. While the word ?goodness? is so simple, it is also so deep and continues to grow deeply. It is comforting to know in life when nothing is certain that I will leave Thursday evening with a huge smile on my face and a huge box of vegetables and fruits that will nourish my body for the next week. My needs for nurturing, for raw foods, for volunteering, for fun, and for hugs have been met. What gratification! This was my need for safety that had been met, and so much love is distributed in our boxes.

I consider our health to be our safety net. If you cannot depend on anything else, depend on your mind and your body to pull you through any given circumstance. Live as an example and create your own safety net so that you can feel confident in yourself. This is sharing love, and this is the love that I want to share with all of you.

I am grateful for each day that life brings. I am so grateful for today. I am so grateful for everyone here. ?May you feel safe and loved. HAPPY VALENTINE?S DAY!