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A Message from Santa

December 13, 2010 8:58 am

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is almost here! Another week is about to bring joy to our lives this holiday season, and there is so much to celebrate! We had an abundance of citrus this past week along with fresh winter greens! We have a new local and organic farmer on board who may be bringing us many fresh baby greens this coming week…but that’s a surprise! 😉 Oh, and we may be getting in more persimmons!!! YAY!

I know that the holiday season is stressful for many, but I am here to remind you that the holidays are a time for you to take some time for yourself and to spend quality time with your families. Often, we stress about presents, food, and events. When we do this, the holidays pass by so quickly that we don’t even have a chance to enjoy them! Yes, it is sad!!

Someone must remind you to take a breather, and that person will be me. Think about all of the things that you would like to do for yourself this holiday season. Is staying healthful one of those goals?

Many find it difficult to remain healthy during the holidays. There are so many temptations, and when you add this with stress, one is more apt to make ill-choices. The Christmas season is one of the most challenging times of the year for many individuals; however, it does not have to be this way. This is one of the best times of the year to celebrate ourselves! It is also the best time of the year to make positive change and to begin thinking about our goals for the new year!

Many individuals who come to talk to me tell me that the holidays are hard because they stay true to eating healthy. Many ask me how I keep raw throughout the holidays, and I merely reply that it is as easy as peeling a banana. When you become raw, the key is to make it your lifestyle. Once it is a part of your life, it becomes like anything else-eating, breathing, running, laughing, etc. You do not think about menial things, and McDonald?s French fries do not tempt you because there is a deeper understanding that all of our choices have consequences–both good and bad. I want all of my choices to have good effects not only for me, but also for the planet. I understand that no man is an island;? every choice I make affects another being or circumstance. Ultimately, we are the ones that live with the outcomes of our choices.

What do you want to reap?

No one is perfect, and we all find ourselves disappointed in our abilities sometimes. Whether we struggle to deal with our time-management skills, our organization, our communication, etc., these are all things that we can master.? We may think that perhaps we are not good enough or that what we do is never good enough, but these thoughts only circulate feelings of hopelessness. Sometimes, we feel as if others will have the solution for us, when in reality, we hold the solutions to our own lives. The choice is ours. I used to think that there was a perfect way to do everything, until I realized that life is already perfect in this moment. I realized that no matter what I am doing, I am doing it because I truly love it.? If we live our lives in order to share our gifts, it changes our complete outlook on life. We live as an example, and we change the world. How can you not feel good about that?!

Everything that we do, we do because we choose to do it. Every conversation, every task, every thought, we have the power to create magnificence within that moment and to make life enjoyable within every second.

Even if there are things in your life that you desperately desire to improve, but you feel as if you are not in the place in your life to improve them, it does not mean that you cannot try to manifest these changes whenever you are ready. We are never stuck in one place. The most beautiful part about life is that we have the choice at every given moment to enjoy our circumstances no matter where we stand. No matter where we are in life, we are perfect entities. Life can be fun even if you are broke, old, sick, “miserable,” or even tired. When we come into a place of pure acceptance, we attract wonderful possibilities. We can only create more perfection as we live each day in that mindset. Life is truly perfect when we choose to view it that way. We hold the power of perfection in our own hands.

One of my favorite slogans of all time is simply: JUST DO IT. In all truth, when one is mustering up the courage to do something, he typically procrastinates or gets fearful enough that he never achieves his goal. When people ask me how or when they ?should? go raw or be healthy, I simply say, ?Just do it.? You have nothing to lose, and you have the world to gain. Stay true to yourself this holiday season, and find joy in who you are and who you want to be. Celebrate because you can!

The Christmas season is about sharing and enjoying time with others. Quality time is priceless and so incredibly enjoyable. I cannot even tell you how many people have shown kindness to others, and I have been a bystander of these miracles. Watching others give or be the receiver of any gift has been incredibly humbling. While it may be the season, I am still simply heart-warmed by all of the love that is spread around at this time of year. I hope to share not only my food with everyone, but also the life-altering power of positive perception. Along with living Rawfully happy, my goal for the end this year is simply to help create a more beautiful world.

Santa will come to bring amazing fruits and veggies to all the boys and girls, and “she” cannot wait to have a produce party this week!

Hugs :)