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A Garden of Faith

April 18, 2011 6:00 am

Hellooooo Co-op Family!!

I hope that you have had an awesome weekend! The weather the past few days has been epic! I hope that you have had time to spend outside soaking up some well-needed vitamin D and listening to the birds sing their praises! We have a special week coming up due to the Easter celebration, and I want to invite ALL parents to bring along their children to come and sort the fruit and veggie shares this week! I consider it JUST as valuable an experience for kids to be able to play with their food as it is for them to hunt for Easter eggs! Plus, it is WAY healthier to get them excited about eating fruits than it is to feed them chocolate eggs!

I hope that you read this entire newsletter because it holds so much significance to me, and I believe it is a message that EVERYONE needs to hear. This week particularly holds a lot of meaning for many different individuals. It is a week that celebrates life, death, Spring, family, colors, food, nature, and communities. We celebrate the blessing of life! You don’t have to be Christian to cherish this gift or even to celebrate it with others. You simply have the choice to appreciate the life that has been given to you! Yes, YOU!? A popular topic lately that I have noticed has been one of having confidence. So many right now lack confidence, or faith, in themselves. Everyone gets it: that nervous feeling in your gut that makes you question, “Am I good enough?”

Everyone has different insecurities or triggers that bring out a lack of faith in themselves. Even if we consider ourselves to be a master, we may not perform our best at all times. We are human, and we live in a world where not everyone is as compassionate in a time of need as we may hope to find. That is OK because that is where we find our inner strength, and that is how we learn to have faith and confidence in our abilities!

Learning to grow faith is a lot like learning to plant a garden. For anyone who is ever having issues related to trust or faith, I tell them to work in their garden or immediately begin planting one. Being 100% raw since 2005, I have learned to have faith in food for infinite reasons. There is so much significance behind planting a garden, depending on its bounty for life, learning from its cycles, and trusting that it can change the world. Here are a few lessons that I have learned that have infinite layers of significance.

One must trust that a planted seed with sprout.
One must trust that this sprouted plant will grow fruit.
One must also trust that this fruit will grow abundant fruit, enough to sustain you and nourish you.
One must trust that the beautiful food from the earth will heal your body, mind, and soul.
One must trust that this food will FEED you to be strong.
One must trust that this food will help you to help others.
One must trust that this life given to you will change the world.

We can only use our lives to change the lives of others. Just like a small seed that can grow into a massive tree, we never know the impact that we have on this planet or in the lives of others. Knowing that what you have to offer the world is epic and essential to our world growth. We must gain enough confidence in ourselves to move forward when all cards may tell you differently. What does your heart tell u? When things are truly right, the will faithfully be placed before u. You must pick up these opportunities up and run like the wind with them. All we have to fear is our own lack of faith in ourselves…so lettuce gain some confidence! No idea or thought is too small; no person is incapable of greatness.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to change my perception? How can I grow from this? How can I unite this world?”

We all have infinite possibilities to offer this world. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and have faith in your capabilities as a person. If nothing else, trust your ability to love. One can never give too much love. One learns to love in a garden, and one can learn to love themselves here.

This is going to be a huge week, and I cannot wait to share a box of love with each of you!

Hugs and blessings,