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7 Years FullyRaw & Still Un-Ripe!

July 18, 2012 8:14 am

Seven years ago I adapted a 100% Raw Foods Lifestyle.? It?s crazy to think that I have not eaten cooked foods in 7 years, but it?s true! When I look at how much my life has changed since then, it is nothing short of miraculous. From physical to emotional and spiritual, I have seen myself transform from a feeble, insecure girl to a confident, capable, and utterly loving woman. Looking back, I never thought I would be able to surpass negative generational patterns, but this is exactly what I have done; both consciously and unconsciously.

When I was 18 years old, I discovered a raw foods diet midst exploring the bulk items section in Whole Foods. An angel named John Rose approached me and began to tell me about this alien nonsense that he ate 10 lbs of fruits and vegetables in a day and that he hadn?t eaten cooked foods in about 18 years at the time. I listened out of curiosity, but I went home thinking that I had literally just met a rabbit manifested in human form. Being ill from hyperglycemia, I was underweight and continuously sick from migraines, nausea, vomiting, weakness, etc. The next day after meeting John, I was admitted into the hospital for more vomiting and hyperglycemic symptoms. When I was released, I called John for help. After he explained to me why my body was reacting the way that it was, I felt the need to try a change of diet. I walked out of Whole Foods that day with 80 pounds of peaches! Yes, it was almost the size of my body weight at the time.

After 3 days of eating nothing but peaches, I noticed an enormous difference in the way that I felt physically. I had not had one migraine, I hadn?t felt nauseous, and I could actually walk around with a tiny ping of energy. Could food really have changed the way that I felt?? Absolutely! Within less than a week, it had already begun to change my aura!

After a month of eating 100% raw, I knew there was something to it because my blood sugar levels had stabilized. I never told myself that I was not going to eat cooked foods again, but I did tell myself that I was going to continue to take this journey one step at a time. Eventually, I became like a sponge, reading, researching, and experimenting, simply to understand what my body had been through.

I knew that I was destined to be FullyRaw for life right after high school graduation. I won the high school raffle: a microwave. Yes, this is ironically true! I made it through my first year of college in an 8 x 8 ft single dorm room with no kitchen. All I had was a knife, cutting board, simple blender, and a salad bowl. I even made it on a college budget! It was my college experience and transferring schools that bought me to Houston, where I sat on the Environmental Committee at Rice and helped to start the Tuesday Farmer?s Market. You can see that it was not long before I was inspired to create this little co-operative out of my garage?it was called Rawfully Organic. Little did I know that this community effort would turn into what is now the LARGEST Organic & Raw Foods Produce Co-operative in the United States. I am floored and incredibly honored.

So much has happened since then, but it?s not hard to sum up. Rawfully Organic has grown into an entity of it?s own, and it birthed its sister company FullyRaw, dedicated to educated families and friends how to live a raw foods lifestyle. While I live my life doing SO many things and fulfilling so many passions, I spend much of my time fulfilling these life passions. Fresh food has the power to change us; it feeds us. It feeds us physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition so that we can become the most powerful ?us? that we can become.

Transformation begins with a single step. Although I have been raw for seven years, I feel that I am still un-ripe. There is still SO much fruit left to eat and still SO many people left to touch. I hope to be able to inspire everyone that I meet: living as an example.? I have SO much living and learning left to do. The next 7 years of my raw journey will be vivacious, flourishing, and beautiful. I am merely grateful to have EACH of you as my partner in fruity deliciousness.

Thank you for being YOU.? Thank you for wanting to improve yourself and find health. Thank you for being inspired to merely eat healthier and to feel alive. Thank you for spreading THIS joy with others. Thank you for spreading this message.? You have become my support, my inspiration, and my family. I have nothing by love, appreciation, and hugs for you!

All my love,