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Put Your Game Face On!

October 11, 2010 6:08 am

I hope that everyone has been enjoying this unbelievable weather! It has been absolutely perfect outside! Fall is one of the best times of the year to get outside to exercise and to enjoy time with friends and family in the park.

This past week Rawfully Organic celebrated it?s third year anniversary, and we began the week by adding a Tuesday at the Houston Arboretum! Horray! It went perfectly, and I personally want to thank the Houston Arboretum, Houston 002 magazine, and the Fruit Palette for coming out to support us! I also want to thank our incredible volunteers for making the week possibly and for making it superbly special! I can already tell that Tuesdays will grow to be a big day very quickly, and I am excited to share this day and more food with all of you! Everyone will now be able to order for Tuesdays in addition to Thursday and Saturday, and all orders simply have to be placed the day before. Therefore, if you need a box on Tuesday, there is still time! For all my Thursday and Saturday peeps, you may as well get your order in early so that you do not forget later!

For many individuals and families, this is a crazy-busy time of year. The kids are getting into sports and a regular school routine, parents are driving around running errands and taking kids to activities, work requires long hours, and ?well?it is easy for one to get overwhelmed or even hopeless. I have had several people address me this week and ask me one simple question, ?How do you do it?? My response is very simple: ?Just do it.?

We all absolutely get to the point where we need a breather. One must always take time for his or herself to sit in quiet, eat a meal, take a walk, or sit and enjoy the company of those that you love. I will admit that I am the last person to have time to do all of those things, but somehow, I find time. When someone truly wants something in his life, he makes it happen without any excuses. I like to relate it to eating raw: when you want it, you move towards that goal?even if it takes you longer than you anticipate.

Too many of us get disappointed in ourselves for not being perfect all of the time. Are we supposed to be perfect? I think I missed that memo! Being imperfect is what shapes and creates our beings, our personalities. Additionally, these imperfections are growth opportunities to teach us lessons for the future. Isn?t it great that if we don?t learn that lesson, it will present itself over and over again? Yes, I am being facetious, but it is a great reminder that there is always more to do to improve who we are and how we respond to life. What allows us to grow even more is when we surround ourselves with others who are accepting of us unconditionally. We change when we accept ourselves unconditionally.

When I was with a few individuals tonight, I overheard them talking about how life was ?so hard,? ?unlucky,? ?impossible,? and even ?exhausting.? It occurred to me that those jargons no longer exist in my head. Life is all about perception. What we believe is what we shall see. What we see is what we shall create. When we train ourselves to see life as easy, positive, and energy-filled, so that is what we shall experience. When we focus on the burdens, those are what we will feel.

This week, I will tell you this so that you can put on your game face, move forward fearlessly, make changes, and feel confidence:

You are already a perfect entity.

You have everything within you that you need to fly.

Count on yourself to make mistakes, but use them as marker signs in the road to lead you where to go.

Whatever it is that you want, envision it and hold it there until you see it so clearly that you feel it is real.

Feeding yourself includes more than eating food. Good ?food? creates self-love. Feed yourself well.

Find support from within?others may never tell us exactly what we want to hear.

When you feel yourself tensing, take deep breaths, close your eyes, and think of nothing until you forget why you were worried.

Do not doubt yourself. If it is what you want, stand by it. Give yourself a reason to be proud of yourself.

Be honest. It will set you free.

Open your eyes to all of the beauty that surrounds you. Count your blessings. If you cannot make a list of over 20 blessings in your day, consider yourself ungrateful. (Hint: if you can walk, talk, type, breathe, eat, or hug, you already have six reasons to live).

Realize that no matter what you do, your efforts will always be good enough.

So, are you ready for this week?? Put your game face on and go get ?em tiger! Infinite possibilities exist for you from now until forever! I hope to see you this week with a smile on your face embracing a box of veggies in your arms! Maybe I will magically pop out of your box with a pineapple to bring joy to your week! 😉

Hugs and love,