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5 Disturbing Facts about Soda

May 10, 2013 8:05 am

Did you now that soda is one of the most toxic drinks for your body? They contain aspartame (rat poison), and they are filled with processed sugars, dyes, and chemicals. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about soda. Fruit juice anyone?!

1. It can be used to Clean a Toilet

2. Use it with a ball of aluminum foil for rust on chrome.

3. Clean corrosion from car battery terminals.

4. Use it to loosen a rusted bolt.

5. Hazardous materials signs are required on trucks carrying concentrated ingredients.

Now that I have your attention, here are 15 more reasons why sodas are detrimental to your health:

1. Soda will increase your cholesterol levels by up to 11%
2. Thanks to the sugar and acid in soda, it is bad for your teeth and causes tooth decay
3. Contributes to weight gain and obesity
4. Drinking soda can increase your risk of having kidney stones
5. Contains phosphoric acid which increases your risk of osteoporosis
6. Causes dehydration and contains pH levels that advance the aging of your skin
7. Studies show that drinking two or more sodas a week increases your risk of developing cancer
8. Drinking too much soda can cause insomnia due to the amount of caffeine
9. The carbonation in soda can cause acid reflux or heartburn
10. According to a 10-year study, individuals who drink two or more sodas a day have a 500 percent waist expansion in comparison to those who do not drink soda!
11. Diet sodas contain the artificial sweetener aspartame which has been shown to cause seizures, migraines, visual problems, anxiety, and other disorders.
12. Mountain Dew, Fresca and other citrus-flavored sodas contain?Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) which has been banned in over 100 countries but not in the US.? Studies show that BVO, which is a flame retardant, can cause damage to the heart and muscles, liver damage, neurological conditions, and more.
13. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles of some sodas have linings that contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which can cause fertility problems, developmental and behavioral problems in infants and children, heart problems, and other disorders.
14. Increases your risk of diabetes
15. Affects your ability to regulate your appetite

If you’re trying to get “off the soda,” try fruit juices instead! They are nutritious, tasty, and colorful! They can be sweet or non-sweet, and most importantly, they are made with fresh ingredients and no chemicals. Juice organic ingredients if possible. For more information on the benefits of juicing, please check out my FullyRaw Facebook page or sign up for my June class “ALL ABOUT JUICING.

Replace soda with fresh, FullyRaw Juices! We will have our juices at co-op tomorrow! Instead of soft drinks, enjoy our cold-pressed, raw, organic, local, and delicious juices made with love just for you!