August 15, 2011 7:47 am

Rawfully Organic Co-op Boxes, Rawfully Full, Raw Foods, 811 Low Fat Raw Vegan, Houston, Texas, Farmer's MarketHappy Happy Joy Joy! Hope that you are revved up and ready to ROC this week! The bounty of food that I have from this past week’s co-op box has filled me up with colorful deliciousness to the point where I feel like I am walking around with a rainbow over my head! It just doesn’t get much better than that! We all have had the pleasure of enjoying peaches, strawberries, cantaloupes, pluots, watermelons, and even corn! Every time I say that we “can’t possibly beat this week,” I find myself wrong again! TONS of exciting things are happening this week! Since there is so much going on, I have structured this week’s email newsletter a little different. Each paragraph has a theme and an important update with a quick link. Please read below!

I am getting ready to leave for the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, and I am so excited!? I will be Emcee of the event, and I also get to give two presentations on Raw Co-operating and Eating Organic/Local. Did I mention I will be teaching a salsa dance class as well?! This will be my first time to be away from co-op in over a year, and I will have a fabulous team of co-operators to help run the show! I will still be taking the orders and managing things from NY, but co-op will completely rely on YOU to run. We will need all of the volunteers and helping hands that we can get this week to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you can come, feel welcome to bring family, friends, and kids! When you arrive, the head volunteers will show you exactly how to ROC it!? There truly is no greater joy than getting to play with your food!

Rawfully Organic Co-op Boxes, Rawfully Full, Raw Foods, 811 Low Fat Raw Vegan, Houston, Texas, Farmer's Market

Hungry?! It’s box time! The potential list of what may come in this week’s boxes is included below! As mentioned above, we have boxes OVERFLOWING with summer goodness! You cannot go wrong in feeding your body nothing but raw. Getting a box forces you to eat healthier items because you have such bounty around the house! It keeps you from eating “things” you may regret later!? I added a new recipe this week for a Raw Macho Taco Salad! Be prepared to get your hands and your face a little messy! A new you tube video of me making this recipe will be announced in the Tuesday email reminder for co-op, so stay tuned!

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram Raw Food Recipe 811 low fat raw vegan lettuce wrapsIf you want to stay up to date on new recipes, articles, cool you tube videos, and more, please be sure to follow our Rawfully Organic Facebook page or Twitter! Any changes that we may have during the week or any special surprises or deals are quickly uploaded to our page for your convenience. Please take advantage of this because we will have fun interactive activities in store for you that will involve cool prizes!!!? Plus, I upload a new photo album each week, and you may be in it! This week’s Facebook photo album is here!? These pictures are SO much fun to share with family and friends, and the colors are so beautiful!

The ROC Express Lane is a success! Rawfully Organic has officially incorporated a new express checkout lane that allows those who have paid online to quickly dash if they need to grab their box and go! Talk about fast food! Please note: this lane is only for those who do not want to swap, who do not have extra add-ons, and who do not want to purchase any extras from the table. The express line helps to keep both of the checkout lines much shorter and moving more quickly. HORRAY! Thank you for your awesome suggestions in helping the co-op to run better. Keep ’em coming!

Last but not least, ROC is adding a new Kingwood Drop-Off NEXT week! Please keep in mind the drop-offs are merely porch pick ups. Your boxes are already organized and merely dropped at a designated porch near your area. No swapping or special orders; the drops are for those who cannot make it to the main locations…life gets crazy, what can you say?! You will see the drop-down option next week for Thursday’s shares!

Rawfully Organic Co-op Boxes, Rawfully Full, Raw Foods, 811 Low Fat Raw Vegan, Houston, Texas, Farmer's MarketWe all feel SO blessed to be a part of something SO much greater than ourselves. Without YOU, this co-operative cannot co-operate. I feel SO blessed to be a part of each and every one of your lives. We are definitely a family, and I cannot ask for more. I will be leaving Wednesday, so I will be here for this Tuesday’s co-op. I return Wednesday the 23rd. I will miss you all terribly, but I will be ROC’N our message in New York and shaking it up!? Keep co-op pride and represent while I am away! Ah! I miss you already! :)

Love and hugs!