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Summer Love

June 7, 2010 3:20 pm

I hope that everyone has had the most enjoyable weekend! Summer is definitely here, and everyone is beginning to take the time to enjoy life a bit more! This week has been INCREDIBLE with CHERRIES, GRAPES, NECTARINES, BLUEBERRIES, CANTALOUPES, and SWEET CORN ALL in the boxes! This may seem like the best week ever, but it is only going to get better! Every time summer comes, I cannot help but feel nostalgic as if I were a little kid all over again. As I get nectarine juice all over my face and clothes, I realize that these are the moments that I cherish most in life.

Sometimes it is nice to simply take a rest for the week. So much is in transition as a new season is upon us. It is that graduation time of year where school is out, and everyone is getting ready for summer life. In this time of year, life is worth enjoying. We have all pushed ourselves so much this year?we deserve time with our families, time to love, and even time to sit down and eat a great meal. Allow yourself this pleasure. This past year, I have been so busy that even I missed being able to sit down with a decadently prepared salad and just stare at its beauty?and then eat it of course! Sometimes, things in life aren?t controllable, but we do the best that we can (which is always good enough). So many approach me daily and are trying to make their plan fit into their ultimate plan, their goals, etc. Does this always work or does it only create more stress? Are our plans the best plan that we can devise for ourselves? How do we know that our plan is the right plan for us? The truth is that we really don?t, but we must listen to our innermost desires, find time to recharge, and follow our hearts. In order for us to find peace in our choices, we need rest. We need ?ME TIME.?

I hope that this week you create ?me time? for yourself. Allow it to come to you and take everything with an open heart. Pick a great summer read, and lose yourself in it. Put your feet up and let your hair down. Lay on the couch with a blanket, turn off the lights, and sit in quiet. Watch an old movie that you used to enjoy as a kid. Go for a walk out in the sun. Blast the music in the house and dance! Make a photo album. Organize your closet. Call up old friends. Create a collage. Paint a picture. Garden! Visit with a stranger. Volunteer! Visit the museums. Stand out on the corner and hand out free hugs?you deserve it! These moments are the ones that will rejuvenate you and allow you to grow. If you have a hard time letting go, tell yourself that everything is ok, and it will be ok. Designate time for YOU. In that time, realize that there is nothing else to manage.

The art of ?me time? is learning that there will always be something that you have to do, but you must learn to designate time for it and let go. I have learned that the more one tries to control something, the more quickly it steps away from you. As my friend Alix Rodwell calls it: the push and pull. If you are feeling anxious, then you know somewhere you have a lack of faith. However, the moment that you relinquish all set emotions, you find peace and excitement in all the possibilities that surround you. The irony of situations like these is that most people may want change in their life, but they are too afraid to take the first step. Therefore, they keep themselves in the same place only because the new seems too unfamiliar. There is no need to control anything; allow yourself to be freed from this burden and become excited about the abundance in your life! Rest your mind this week and simply allow yourself to flow easily with all that surrounds you. Present yourself with opportunities to give back. Place your heart where it counts.

Summer is always a great time to refresh your ideas, your body, and your schedule. It is the time of the year where you can evaluate and create. It is also the time of year to spend time with your family and enjoy time out in the sun. ?If you do have extra time, try to use it to give back to yourself, your family, or to your community. No one needs to receive in order to give. Giving comes from the heart. If you have joy, you will want to share it with others. Create the domino effect of joy! Think of all of the happiness that can be spread!

I hope that you have a restful week, and I hope to hear all about it. My hugs and heart go out to you.