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Love RAW. Love BODY. Love SELF!

May 16, 2011 7:03 am

I hope that you have had an incredible weekend! We have had the most PERFECT weather! I am SO excited because this past week we picked our first peaches, corn, pickles, tomatoes, carrots, and squashes of the summer season! Woo hoo! Summer is nearly here! You can expect the sweetest, most abundant boxes this week and possibly more summer crop surprises! 😉

Speaking of summer, it is time to get ready for that HOTT summer body! I have been getting tons of emails and questions from people about the best and quickest way to get in shape! My answer has been simple:




These three things are literally ALL-ENCOMPASSING, and I will explain them for you. When you think about each, they tell you exactly what you need to hear but most likely what you may not want to hear: IT’S TIME TO CHANGE. People search for help outside of themselves because they most likely want a quick and easy fix to their problem. The problem with that is that REAL change takes time, dedication, devotion, and development. No real physical changes happen overnight, and learning to love oneself takes TIME. Gaining confidence in one’s lifestyle can take even longer; the process of growing and learning to get healthy is a trial and error run. Everyone’s body is different, and we must take the time to get to know what works for US!

First, LOVE RAW. If you want to get healthy, there is no better way than to either GO RAW or to increase the amount of fruits or vegetables that you are eating. If you are going to get healthy, you MUST learn to love eating fruits and vegetables. There is truly no way around it! You can try a million fad diets, but the weight will come back on, and you will feel UNHAPPY and MISERABLE with yourself. Why beat around the bush? Dedicate yourself to TRULY getting healthy, and never have to change again! This is the BEST way, the HEALTHIEST way, the EASIEST way, and definitely the most ENJOYABLE way! The formula is simple: when you eat vibrant foods, you will come to life! When we eat living foods, we will also feel alive physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and we will naturally gravitate towards WANTING to do better things for ourselves. This goes across the board!

Secondly, LOVE BODY. When I say “Love your body,” I mean that you must care for it as you would a precious gift. When individuals give health advice to their friends, they tell them that they must exercise more…but then why do they not exercise themselves? When we exercise, we MOVE. We move cellular, we move forward emotionally, and we change. Find an activity that appeals to you, and stick with it EVERYDAY. The surgeon general recommends at least 3o minutes a few times a week, but I say that is WAY too little. Our bodies are meant to be moving and shaking EVERYDAY while the sun is still shining. I run 6-8 miles A DAY, and this time has become my BLISS time. It is a time where I show love to my body. Afterwards, I show more love to by body by refueling on utterly FANTASTIC foods. There are a million ways to show your body some love. EMBODY LOVE.

Thirdly, LOVE SELF. When one decides to go healthy, he/she discovers something that they will not expect: when you cleanse your physical body, the emotional side will follow. You cannot cleanse one aspect of yourself without the other soon following. Be prepared to deal with some surfacing emotional issues, and be compassionate with yourself. We all have some skeletons in the closet that WANT to come out! However, we cannot do this unless we face them up-close! These skeletons are hidden in your body like dormant toxins that slowly wither us away. We WANT to get rid of them so that we can feel LIGHT and FEED LOVE to all that surrounds us. It may sound corny, but it’s totally true. You may not love yourself 100% now, but if you decide to take on a journey of love, light, and health, you will eventually get there. I am going on my 6th year of eating raw soon, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I FINALLY understood the true meaning of confidence and loving my WHOLE self. Breathe in patience and envision, breathe out hurt, anger, and pain. Release everything that you don’t want festering around inside of you. HENCE, LOVE SELF, and keep loving yourself until you can finally say that you feel 100% confident in your own body.

Lastly, wish the best for yourself and everyone around you. Enjoy the journey! Feelings of hopelessness only keep us in a negative state that wish unhappiness for others. Sadly, when we feel sad, it becomes very painful to watch others around us feel happy; however, use this to your advantage. By shifting our perception, we can grow to learn that we can choose to feed off of our own hopelessness, or we can choose to defeat it. We are the key. When we wish sunshine upon others, we too will receive sunshine all around us. Watch out for sunburn! 😉

I got to go and talk to Elementary Schools this past week to educate children why EATING fruits and vegetables are good for their health! I had a blast, and I wanted to share this picture with you all. We are all like children who want to be inspired and play with food! The co-op gives us an opportunity to do that and to enjoy our amazing community along the way. You shall never find yourself without a support team here! Thank you for being my family!

I hope to see you all this coming week! If I look pregnant, I promise I am NOT! There is simply a massive amount of local food in there!!! :)

Hugs and love!