Rawfully Organic
What´s in the Boxes




Have you ever wondered how Rawfully Organic saves you money? The benefits of buying from our local all-organic co-op are far more important than you think. You get to support ALL-ORGANIC farmers and as much local as possible that is in season.  Not only do you get FRESH produce that is not sitting on a shelf for weeks, but also you get a community of people who share this common interest with you! You get emotional and mental support, and you even get free recipes and videos from me weekly! The produce has rarely touched other human hands. You even get more variety in a one-stop shop. Not only is the value better, but the quality of our organics simply tastes better. I truly believe that the food tastes better when it is handled with love, and we have a LOT of LOVE at Rawfully Organic. I have put together a price comparison chart of ROC vs. other main stream grocery store chains. I hope that you see how much time, effort, and love we put into this co-op to make it possible for ALL of us to be healthy and happy. We THANK YOU so much for loving and supporting ROC as much as we do!


The following lists are to help you GAUGE what will be in our ROC Half and Full Share boxes / All-Fruit Shares this coming week. The All-Fruit Shares are listed further below. This list may not be exact, but it will help you estimate. Due to the nature of produce, something may not show up, but we WILL replace it with something equally delicious and similar in value.








Strawberries or Raspberries




Pink Lady or Fuji Apples


Juicing Oranges









Melon (cantaloupe or watermelon)


Bagged Spring Mix


Romaine Lettuce


Local Kale


Local Zucchini (possibly)


Pomegranate (possibly)



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Each box will get a chocice of additional items of: celery, broccoli, cilantro, spinach, beets, yellow/red onions, local green onion, extra romaine lettuce, spinach, local eggplant and a few more!

If you need additional bulk items, such as cases (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full) of bananas, greens, oranges, apples etc. please email kristina@rawfullyorganic.com.




Strawberries or Raspberries

Apples: Pink Lady, Fuji





Melon (watermelon and/or cantaloupe)

Lemon or Lime (possibly)

Pomegranate (possibly)

(All-Fruit Shares do not get additional choice items. That is solely for the mixed shares).



Don't forget there are always delicious extras on the table for purchase with your box! In addition to buying extra items already in the box, we may also have things like bell peppers, white netarines, ginger, mangos, mushrooms, raspberries, lacinato kale, and much more!! :)

If there is something you want to exchange in the box, you also have that option.


Please note: this list is to help everyone gauge what will be in this week's share. I cannot promise anything due to the unpredictable nature of produce, and I never want to disappoint anyone. If something doesn't show up the morning of co-op, I always order something else in place of it, so do not worry! Therefore, please use this as a guide to help you see what may possibly be in our boxes. To me, it's all fabulous!!! I hope that you feel the same! Hugs! :)



Zucchini Squash


Acorn Squash


Eggplant Variety


Butternut Squash 








Pepper Variety






Bok Choy



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The all-local boxes are ready and set to go! No swaps will be available in the all-local boxes. The all-local boxes are half the price as the half shares, so they are half the size and all local for those who want it! Not all items are guaranteed... sometimes that's the fun of local shares---the surprises you'll find! :)