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Hi Kristina,

Thanks for the love box: I love beets, I love zucchini, I love those banana peppers (they add such a nice bite to my salads), I love red leaf lettuce (more salads!), and I love the plums -- though I think I'll have to share the love with some of my co-workers tomorrow morning since the plums have to be eaten NOW. Oh, and I love grapes - they won't last long! You are so generous with everything, and I love you, too!




It was really wonderful having you there to talk with the kids.  Paulina's mother told me today that her daughter gave her a lesson on nutrition yesterday when she came home from sports camp.  I think they really heard what you said and enjoyed the time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stephanie Hruzek
Education Director



Hi Kristina-

I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and thank you for the yummy produce.  We had salads last night with your lettuce and onions and it was great.  I had one of your apples today and guess what?  It actually tasted like a REAL apple which is hard for an apple to do this time of year in Texas!
I read your story about how you became raw and I understand some of your journey.  About two years ago I was diagnosed with a soy allergy.  I consumed a lot of soy like soy milk, soy bars, etc. because I did not tolerate cow's milk and animal protein that well.  I experienced about a dozen symptoms due to my soy consumption and one day I went through food testing.  Since I have eliminated soy from my diet I feel soooo much better.
So we all look forward to trying more of your produce I purchased yesterday!

Thanks a bunch!



Thank you so much for telling me about eating raw corn. :) I ate one just now. Absolutely fabulous. It's so juicy too!
Wow. Just want to say thank you and express my gratitude. :)



The watermelon is HEAVENLY! SERIOUSLY!!! :)

Leah J